10 Facts about Antonin Dvorak

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Facts about Antonin Dvorak tell you about the famous composer. Have you ever heard his works? You will be fascinated and entertained. He is one of the famous classic musicians and composers in the world. He was born on 8 September 1841 in Nelahozeves, near Kralupy, Prague, Bohemia. Today, we know it as Czech Republic. Here are other facts about Dvorak for you:

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 1: the romantic period composers

Dvorak gained the fame as one of the leading romantic period composers.  His music was strongly influenced by his bohemian tradition.

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 2: the family life

His father was Frantisek and his mother was Anna Dvorak. His father worked as a butcher, an innkeeper and professional player for the zither.

Antonin Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 3: the education

There were various kinds of musical instruments that Dvorak learned and studied when he was a child. He was able to play violin, viola and piano.

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 4: a full time musician

When he was 18 years old, he decided to become a full time musician. He joined Bohemian Provisional Theater Orchestra to play viola. He also became a musical teacher where he finally met Anne Cermakova who became his wife in the future. Both were blessed with six kids.

Facts about Antonin Dvorak

Facts about Antonin Dvorak

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 5: moving to America

In 1892, he decided to move to America and worked as the artistic direction at National Conservatory Musck in New York. But then he decided to return to Prague.

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 6: “Symphony in E Flat”

“Symphony in E Flat” is very well praised by the people.  Therefore, he took home the Austrian State Prize in 1875.

Antonin Dvorak Image

Antonin Dvorak Image

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 7: another job

Then he took another job in Prague. He was a professor and appointed as a Director in Prague Conservatory. Get facts about Andrew Lloyd Webber here.

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 8: the musical works

There are various kinds of music that Dvorak wrote. He made chamber music, choral, symphonic music and operas.

Antonin Dvorak Pic

Antonin Dvorak Pic

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 9: the famous works

If you are curious to listen to the famous works of Dvorak, you can check out Cello Concerto in B minor, the Slavonic Dances, New World Symphony and “American” String Quartet. Find out another musician in Andrew Biersack facts.

Facts about Antonin Dvorak 10: death

On the first of May 1904, Antonin Dvorak passed away. It was such a big lost for the musical word. He suffered from heart failure.

Antonin Dvorak Facts

Antonin Dvorak Facts

Are you impressed with facts about Antonin Dvorak?

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