10 Facts about Antonin Scalia

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Antonin Scalia below.  He was an associate justice of United States Supreme Court. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey on 11 March 1936 with the full name Antonin Gregory Scalia. He is a son of a public school teacher, Catherine Louise and a professor at Brooklyn College, Salvatore Eugene Scalia. Get more facts about Antonin Scalia in the following post below:

Facts about Antonin Scalia 1: the personal life

Scalia is the husband of Maureen McCarthy.  Both married on 10 September 1960. He was a Roman Catholic.  He is often called Nino.

Facts about Antonin Scalia 2: education

Let’s find out Scalia’s education. In 1955-1956, he went to University of Fribourg with a joint degree with Georgetown University. He also went to Harvard Law School.

Antonin Scalia photo

Antonin Scalia photo

Facts about Antonin Scalia 3: the fame

There are several things that make him famous in United States. He is considered as the first Italian American who serves the United States Supreme Court.

Facts about Antonin Scalia 4: the longest serving justice on the court

Scalia took the record of the longest serving justice on the court after the retirement of the Justice John Paul Stevens.  Do you know that he has conservative point of view and votes consistently for the free speech?

Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia

Facts about Antonin Scalia 5: federalism and abortion

Scalia is a strong advocate of separation of powers and federalism. But he opposes the affirmative action and abortion.

Facts about Antonin Scalia 6: a member of US Court Appeal

He was nominated by President Ronald Reagan as the member of the US Court of Appeals. He was sworn as the member for the District of Columbia Circuit on 17 August 1982.

Facts about Antonin Scalia

Facts about Antonin Scalia

Facts about Antonin Scalia 7: Supreme Court associate justice

He was appointed as Supreme Court associate justice on 26 September 1986 to fill the seat of William Rehnquist.

Facts about Antonin Scalia 8: Vice President Cheney

Scalia and Vice President Cheney spent the time for a duck hunting trip in Louisiana in January 2004. This activity was conducted after the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of Cheney v. US District Court.

Antonin Scalia Pic

Antonin Scalia Pic

Facts about Antonin Scalia 9: the erased tapes

There were two journalists who recorded the speech that Scalia gave at Mississippi high school. It was erased due to the request of a United States deputy marshal on 7 April 2004.  The journalism group was outraged. Find out another interesting figure in Antoni Gaudi facts.

Facts about Antonin Scalia 10: a brief salute

To mark the 25th year of the high court, he was saluted by the Supreme Court on 3 October 2011.

Antonin Scalia facts

Antonin Scalia facts

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