10 Facts about Antoninus Pius

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Facts about Antoninus Pius talk about the famous Roman emperor in 138 to 161. He was often called Antoninus.  He was born on 19 September 86 AD and passed away on 7 March 161 AD. This Roman emperor was a member of the Nerva Antonine dynasty. Find out more facts about him by reading the whole post below:

Facts about Antoninus Pius 1: the name Pius

He got the name Pius after he took over the Throne.  He was able to posses the throne after he could save senators from the death sentence of Hadrian or because of he could make the senate adore Hadrian.

Facts about Antoninus Pius 2: the family life

He was a child of a consul named Titus Aurelius Fulvus in 89. His family was from Nemausus. Today, it is called Nimes. Arria Fadilla was the name of his mother.  Pius was born neat Lanuvium. The young Pius was raised by Gnaeus Arrius Antoninus after the death of his father and grandfather.

Facts about Antoninus Pius

Facts about Antoninus Pius

Facts about Antoninus Pius 3: marriage and children

Pius married Annia Galeria Faustina the Elder between 100 and 115. Both lived happily and blessed with two daughters and two sons. Faustina was a wonderful woman. She spent her time taking care the poor. She was famous because of her wisdom.

Facts about Antoninus Pius 4: death

In 141, Faustina passed away. It made Pius distressed. But he asked the Senate to honor her by having a temple built for her. Pius then established a charity to help the orphaned girls. He named it Puellae Faustinianae or Girls of Faustina.

Antoninus Pius Statue

Antoninus Pius Statue

Facts about Antoninus Pius 5: Emperor Hadrian

It seems that Emperor Hadrian liked him a lot. He was appointed as one of the four proconsuls to administer and manage Italia. In 134 to 135, he was appointed as proconsul of Asia.

Facts about Antoninus Pius 6: adopted as a son

Emperor Hadrian was in favor with Pius. Therefore, he adopted him as the son. He also chose him as the successor of his throne on 25 February 138 after the death of Lucius Aelius, his first adopted son.

Antoninus Pius Pic

Antoninus Pius Pic

Facts about Antoninus Pius 7: the condition

Pius would become the next emperor under one condition. He should adopt Lucius, son of Aelius Verus and Marcus Annius Verus, the son of his wife’s brother. If he passed away, Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus should be his successors.

Facts about Antoninus Pius 8: becoming an emperor

When he became an emperor, he was called “Imperator Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pontifex Maximus”.

Antoninus Pius Emperor

Antoninus Pius Emperor

Facts about Antoninus Pius 9: the first act

One of his famous acts when Antoninus became the emperor was persuading the senate to give Hadrian a divine honor. Find out another important leader in Amenhotep III facts.

Facts about Antoninus Pius 10: what he did as an emperor

There were many things that he did as an emperor. He built mausoleums, theaters, and temples.

Antoninus Pius Facts

Antoninus Pius Facts

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