10 facts about Antrim

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Facts about Antrim talk about one of the six counties in Northern Ireland. The name of this county was derived from the name of town of Antrim. Do you know the location of this county? It is located in the north-east of Ireland Island. Find out more interesting facts about Antrim by reading the following post below:

Facts about Antrim 1: the rugged landscape

If you want to enjoy the isolated rugged landscape, you can visit the Glens of Antrim.   This county is also a home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway. It offers you with unique landscape.

Facts about Antrim 2: other interesting places

There are many other interesting places in Antrim. You can visit the most popular seaside resort and night life area in Portrush. If you want to know the area which produces whiskey, you can come to Bushmills.

Antrim Facts

Antrim Facts

Facts about Antrim 3: Belfast

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. Most of the areas are located in the County of Antrim.

Facts about Antrim 4: the topography

Let’s find out the topography of Antrim. It offers you with hilly features. You can come to the east area to check out beautiful hills. The highest point is located in Knocklayd. It has the elevation at 1,690 feet or 514 meters.

Antrim Image

Antrim Image

Facts about Antrim 5: the resort towns

You can enjoy various attractions in Antrim. You can have the vacation with family and friends in the resort towns such as in Carnlough and Glenarm, Portrush, Whitehead on Belfast Lough, Portballintrae and Ballycastle, Larne on the Sea of Moyle and Cushendall and Waterfoot on Red Bay. Get facts about Ankara here.

Facts about Antrim 6: population

Antrim is inhabited by 615,384 people based on the latest census conducted in the county. There is no need to wonder that it is the most populous county in Northern Ireland.

Antrim Map

Antrim Map

Facts about Antrim 7: the religion

The majority of the people who live in County Antrim are Protestant. The report was based on 2011 census.

Facts about Antrim 8: the heritage

There are many old buildings in Antrim.  You can visit the forts, military structures, cairns and round towers to know the antiquities of the county.

Antrim Pictures

Antrim Pictures

Facts about Antrim 9: the notable people from Antrim

There are many notable people from Antrim. Those are the famous historian James Adair, the hostess and chorister in Alaska Eva McGwon, the famous actor Lam Neeson, and a physician and noted author John O’Kane Murray. Find out another interesting region in Andalucia facts.

Facts about Antrim 10: the floral

Antrim is a home to various kinds of flora. There are at least 211 species of seaweeds in the county.

Facts about Antrim

Facts about Antrim

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