10 Facts about Ants

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Let me show you the tiny creature in Facts about Ants. You can find these small animals in various species in the world. It is included in the order of Hymenoptera and the family of Formicidae.  The scientists believe that ants are the evolution of the wasp like ancestors which lived around 110 to 130 million years ago in mid Cretaceous period. Here are other facts about ants for you:

Facts about Ants 1: the classification

There are around 22,000 known species of ants in the world. But only 12,500 of them have been classified by the scientists.

Facts about Ants 2: how do we identify the ants?

The ants can be identified from the unique node like structure which makes the waists slender and the elbowed antennae. Get facts about animalia here.

Ants Life

Ants Life

Facts about Ants 3: the colonists

Ants live in a colony.  The members of the colonies are various. It can be in small colonies into the organized colonies. It can occupy the small to the big colonies.  One colony can consist of millions of ants.

Facts about Ants 4: the larger colonies

The larger colonies of ants create different castes. The wingless and sterile female ants have the castes of soldiers and workers. The fertile female is called the queens. The drones are used to call the fertile males in the colonies.

Ant Facts

Ant Facts

Facts about Ants 5: the super organism

Even thought ants are small animals, their colonies are super organism. They work together hand in hand to support their colony.

Facts about Ants 6: the ranges

You can find ants in every landmass in the world.  The places with lack of ants include the inhospitable islands, remote islands and Antarctica.

Facts about Ants

Facts about Ants

Facts about Ants 7: the survival rate

The survival rate of ants is very high. They can live in various kinds of living environment. They have the ability to defend themselves, tap resources and modify the habitat. They have the ability to solve the complex problems.

Facts about Ants 8: the red imported fire ant

The red imported fire ant is well known with the Latin name Solenopsis invicta. The can establish the colony in the any kinds of areas. Therefore, they are included as invasive species.



Facts about Ants 9: the relationship

Ants have close relationship with bees, sawflies, and wasps for they are included to the order Hymenoptera. Find out facts about Antarctica penguin here.

Facts about Ants 10: exception

You can find ants in all kinds of continent in the world. But you will never find it in Antarctica, Greenland, parts of Polynesia, Hawaiian Islands and Iceland. All of them are lack of native ant species.

Ant Image

Ant Image

Are you satisfied reading facts about ants?

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