10 Facts about Anxiety Disorders

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Facts about Anxiety Disorders tell you about the types, symptoms and treatment of anxiety disorder. It comes in various types such as the social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and specific phobias. Here are some interesting facts about anxiety disorder for you:

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 1: a normal human emotion

Anxiety is included as a normal human emotion. People always feel anxious when they are involved in an uncommon and strange situation.  It can be bad for the people if the anxiety becomes the uncontrollable emotion. It affects the way you work or make the important decision. You have to take a test to make sure that anxiety will never cause trouble in your life.

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 2: a mental illness

Anxiety disorder becomes the mental illness if your life is filled with a lot of fear and worry.  You always feel anxious in a common situation. Get facts about anxiety here.

Anxiety Disorder Facts

Anxiety Disorder Facts

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 3: the common types of anxiety disorders

As I have stated before, the anxiety disorder comes in various types. It can be in social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or even specific phobias.

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 4: the panic disorder

The panic attack is characterized with a feeling of terror. This feeling comes suddenly and has several symptoms such as the irregular heartbeats, chest pain, sweating and choking. It makes you going crazy if you do not get any help.

Anxiety Disorder Types

Anxiety Disorder Types

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 5: the specific phobias

The specific phobias are included in anxiety disorder. It can be the fear of the flying, snakes, or height. Some people have an unusual intense of fear to a certain object or situation.

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 6: social anxiety disorder

The anxiety is caused by the fear of making mistakes or causing embarrassment in front of others.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 7: the common symptoms

Let’s find out the common symptoms of anxiety disorders.  Some of them are the heart palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling of fear, panic and uneasiness, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, sweaty hands, problems of sleeping, cold hands, numbness and muscle tensions.

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 8: the causes

The causes of anxiety disorder are not known until today. But the scientists believe that it is caused by the environmental stress and changes in the brain. It is not caused by the poor upbringing, character flaw or even personal weakness.

Anxiety Disorders Facts

Anxiety Disorders Facts

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 9: the type of treatment

The treatments for anxiety disorder include the medication, therapy and lifestyle changes.

Facts about Anxiety Disorders 10: smoking

Do you know that if you stop smoking, you can reduce anxiety?

Facts about Anxiety Disorders

Facts about Anxiety Disorders

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