10 Facts about Anzac Cove

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Learn more the small cove in Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey by reading Facts about Anzac Cove. On 25 April 1915, it became the landing site of the Australian and New Zealand army Corps during the World War I. The site is very famous until this present. To the South of the cove, you can spot the Little Ariburnu called Hell Spit and to the north, you can spot the headland of Ariburnu. The length of the cove is around 2,000 feet or 600 meters. Here are other interesting facts about Anzac cove:

Facts about Anzac Cove 1: the role of the beach

The beach was the main base for the ANZAC for 8 months since their landing in Gallipoli Peninsula.

Facts about Anzac Cove 2: the objective of landing on the beach

The main objective for Anzac was to secure the beach and to provide the protection for the extra troop and supplies when they were brought ashore in Turkey.

Anzac Cove Camp

Anzac Cove Camp

Facts about Anzac Cove 3: General William Birdwood

The commander of Anzac was General William Birdwood. This man recommended the soldiers to arrive on the landing site called Anzac cove. It was located between the two headlands.

Facts about Anzac Cove 4: the landing on Anzac Cove

On 25 April 1915, the fourth battalion troops of Australian landed in Anzac Cove.

Anzac Cove Facts

Anzac Cove Facts

Facts about Anzac Cove 5: the constructions

There were two field hospitals constructed in Anzac cove. It became the main supply site for the soldiers.  It was also a home of four floating jetties. The soldiers could maintain the contact with the fleet for it had three wireless radio stations.

Facts about Anzac Cove 6:  Was it a safe place?

Anzac thought that Anzac cove was a perfect place since it provided them with safety protection from the shellfire along the peninsula. However, this cove had an open view from Nibrunesi Point partially exposed to GABA Tape.

Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove

Facts about Anzac Cove 7: The Turkish attack

The soldiers did not have to worry for the open view on the Niburnesi point since it was under the Royal Navy. They should worry on the Gaba Tepe since the Turkish concealed here.

Facts about Anzac Cove 8: swimming beach

It was very surprising to know that Anzac cove was the popular swimming beach for the soldiers at that time.

Anzac Cove Pic

Anzac Cove Pic

Facts about Anzac Cove 9: “Anzac Commemorative Site”

In 2000, “Anzac Commemorative Site” was built in the area to commemorate and honor the soldiers who were killed there. Find out facts about Anzac biscuits here.

Facts about Anzac Cove 10: death

During the battle in Anzac cove, there were many soldiers died and wounded. Therefore, the people in Australia and New Zealand always remembered them every year.

Facts about Anzac Cove

Facts about Anzac Cove

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