10 Facts about Anzacs

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Find out the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in Facts about Anzacs. The ANZAC Cove was the days when the army corps landed on Gallipoli Peninsula on 25 April 1915. The purpose was to fight against the Turkish army in World War. They were here for eight months and more than 11,000 ANZACs died in the peninsula. Find out more facts about ANZACs by reading the following post below:

Facts about Anzacs 1: the biscuit

One of the most important things of ANZACs is the ANZAC biscuit. It was the tile or wafer eaten by the forces during the war for it had longer shelf life compared to the common bread.

Facts about Anzacs 2: Australasian Army Corps

Before the corps was named ANZAC, people called it Australasian Army Corps. It was changed into ANZAC after New Zealand protested the name. Then it was named Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Since the name was very long, it was abbreviated into ANZAC.

Anzacs Facts

Anzacs Facts

Facts about Anzacs 3: the army

Even though ANZAC was the affiliation between Australia and New Zealand, there were also the army from Ceylon, Britain, India, Zion, Ireland and Pacific Islands.

Facts about Anzacs 4: Alec Campbell

Alec Campbell was famous after he became the last surviving ANZAC. He passed away on 16 May 2002.

Anzacs Image

Anzacs Image

Facts about Anzacs 5: “Lest We Forget”

Rudyard Kipling made the phrase “Lest We Forget” very popular in 1897. It was derived from “For the Fallen” by Laurence Binyon. This phrase was included in the line of The Recitation.

Facts about Anzacs 6: ANZAC Battle Group

Today the active battle group of Australia and New Zealand is called ANZAC Battle Group.

Anzacs Pictures

Anzacs Pictures

Facts about Anzacs 7: ANZAC Bridge

In 1998 on the Remembrance Day, the ANZAC Bridge was used to honor the ANZACs. The New Zealand flag can be seen at the western pylon, while the Australian flag is located at the eastern pylon.

Facts about Anzacs 8: the Remembrance Day

People can reflect, pause and remember the brave ANZACs who were wounded or even killed in Gallipoli on 25th April every year.

Facts about Anzacs

Facts about Anzacs

Facts about Anzacs 9: the dawn

The best time to remember the ANZAC who served in Gallipoli was at dawn. It was the time of the landing. In 1920s, the returned soldiers created the dawn service. Get facts about Anzac cove here.

Facts about Anzacs 10: the failure

What caused the failure during the battle which made the ANZAC lost?  They landed at the wrong spot.

Anzacs Photo

Anzacs Photo

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