10 Facts about APA

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Facts about APA talk about the format of academic documents. It provided the guidance when you want to write books, articles or journals. The APA style is codified with the guide of APA or American Psychological Association. The object of APA style is to improve the clarity of communication and support the reading comprehension in behavioral and social sciences. Let’s find out more facts about APA below:

Facts about APA 1: the usage of APA

APA is one of the most popular styles in the world. You can find it widely used in various public health journals, medical journals, papers written in the classes, textbooks and many more. They can be written entirely or with some changes.

Facts about APA 2: other styles

Besides APA, there are other styles used by the people such as CSE and AMA style. Find out facts about adverbs here.

APA Guide

APA Guide

Facts about APA 3: the publications

It is very confusing to differentiate the AMA, CSE and APA because there are many publications which only have small style guides. Therefore, there are several editions released in 1974, 1983, 1994 and 2001 to response the complexities of scientific styles.

Facts about APA 4: the sixth edition

In July 2009, people were served with the sixth edition of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. It was published after the book was developed for four years.



Facts about APA 5: the first printing

You should be aware with the first printing of sample papers in the 6th education of APA. It had several errors.

Facts about APA 6: the revisions

The multiple errors on the sample papers were corrected on 1 October 2009 in a single document. It was made online.

APA Style

APA Style

Facts about APA 7: the essay

If you want to make an essay by using the APA guideline, you need to type it on a standard sized paper. It is 8.5 inches x 11 inches with doubled space and 1 inch margins all sides. Ensure that the font can be easily read. The APA style encourages you to use Times New Roman 12 pt font.

Facts about APA 8: the page header

The running head or page header should be applied at the top of every page.  It contains the shortened version of the title of your paper.   The title should never surpassed 50 characters.

Facts about APA

Facts about APA

Facts about APA 9: the sections of your essays

There are four important sections in the essays. You need to have Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and References.

Facts about APA 10: the title page

There several parts in the title page. Those are the title of the paper, the name of the author and the institutional affiliation.

APA Facts

APA Facts

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