10 Facts about Apache

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Facts about Apache tell you about the Indian tribe in America.  They are the members of Athapaskan people. They inhabit the southwest desert regions in America like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The Plains Apache has similar way of life with the Kiowa tribe. The men in this tribe have the jobs to protect the camp and hunt for food. The women have to do the household. They are included as a nomadic tribe of hunter gatherers. Find out more facts about Apache:

Facts about Apache 1: the houses

The houses of the Apache are just the temporary houses. They are called the Brush shelters or wickiups.  The apache tribe will sleep inside this small shelter. It is made of a wooden frame. The leaves, grasses and branches are used to cover the houses.  The house is made in cone shape.

Facts about Apache 2: the famous Apache leaders

Can you mention some famous apache leaders? Those are Cochise and Geronimo.

Apache Clothes

Apache Clothes

Facts about Apache 3: the clothing for women

Women wear leather dresses. They are made of the skin of a male deer. It is called buckskin. In 1800s, the women began to wear blouses and skirts or calico dresses.

Facts about Apache 4: the clothing for men

Men wear breechcloths. The animal skin is used to create this long rectangular piece of cloth.   The leather is used to create the war shirts. In 1800, men began to wear the cotton tunics.

Apache Facts

Apache Facts

Facts about Apache 5: the language

The language used to communicate for the Apache tribe is a Southern Athabaskan/ Apachean language. Based on the linguistic features, it is linked with the Athabaskan speakers who live in Alaska and western Canada. Get facts about Amazon tribe here.

Facts about Apache 6: the way of living

The Apache tribe lives in extended family units. But each nuclear family lives in different shelters. A new shelter will be built when a daughter is married. It is for her and her husband.

Apache Pic

Apache Pic

Facts about Apache 7: containers

There are several types of containers used by the Apachean people. Those are jars, bowls and baskets. The baskets are made of juniper bark, willow leaves or yucca. They are used to carry heavy loads.

Facts about Apache 8: the sources of food

To get the food to survive, there are four ways conducted by the Apachean people. They gather the wild plants, hunt wild animals, trade for agricultural products and livestock and grow the domesticated plants.

Apache Picture

Apache Picture

Facts about Apache 9: hunting

The main job of men is to hunt for food. However, there are several exceptions since the Lipan women help the men during the process of hunting rabbit. Check out facts about Anasazi here.

Facts about Apache 10: the western Apache

In the late fall season, the western Apache hunt pronghorns and deer.

Facts about Apache

Facts about Apache

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