10 Facts about Apartheid

Tuesday, March 10th 2015. | Politics

Check out Facts about Apartheid if you want to know the discrimination in South Africa. This word was originated from the country. It means apartness.  Apartheid created boundary between the white and non white people who lived in South Africa. The non white people were inferior in this country so that they should never hang out or cross the boundary in the white world. Get more facts about apartheid by reading the following post below:

Facts about Apartheid 1: a legal policy

It was very surprising that apartheid was a legal policy in South Africa. Actually it was originated from the controversial land act. Then it ended by making apartheid as a legal policy in the country.

Facts about Apartheid 2: the controversy

Of course, having apartheid as a legal policy increased the rejection from the international community. But the minority people in South Africa were strong enough to make this policy legal and lasted for more than half a century.

Apartheid Act

Apartheid Act

Facts about Apartheid 3: the first action

The first action of apartheid in South Africa was by giving 10 percent of the total land of the country for the colored people. The non colored people were able to live in 90 percent of the total land mass in South Africa.

Facts about Apartheid 4: the movement

The movement of the colored people was restricted. They should have a document which authorized them when moving to the area of the whites.  If they worked on the land of the whites, they should have a document.

Apartheid Image

Apartheid Image

Facts about Apartheid 5: the people of South Africa

The people of South Africa were classified into four races by the government in 1950s. Those were the Bantus or blacks, the colored people or mixed people, Asian people who include Pakistan and Indian and the white people.

Facts about Apartheid 6: marriage

The apartheid was not only seen in the work and social life but also in marriage too. The non whites and white marriage was banned in the country.

Apartheid Protest

Apartheid Protest

Facts about Apartheid 7: the quality of education

The quality of education for the non white people was very low. The education segregation law was passed in 1953. Therefore, the white people got higher education.

Facts about Apartheid 8: Dr. Herdwikverwoer

Dr. Herdwikverwoer was the prime minister of South Africa in 1958. The policy of separate development was introduced by dividing the Blacks into 10 groups. A local leader will be selected in each group.

Facts about Apartheid

Facts about Apartheid

Facts about Apartheid 9: De Klerk

De Klerk was the president of South Africa who negotiated the end of apartheid in 1990. Check out facts about Angel Davis here.

Facts about Apartheid 10: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the famous icon who ended the apartheid in Africa.  He was released from jail after 27 years.

Apartheid Facts

Apartheid Facts

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