10 Facts about Apatosaurus

Tuesday, March 10th 2015. | Animals

Facts about Apatosaurus present the facts about the giant dinosaur. It is also called Brontosaurus.  It was one of the biggest animals who had walked on earth. Do you know that the weight of Apatosaurus can reach 23 metric tons? The length can reach 75 feet or 23 meters. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Apatosaurus below:

Facts about Apatosaurus 1: the confusion of the name

Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus are the same. Othniel Charles Marsh discovered the first bones of the giant dinosaurs in 1877. Then he called it Apatosaurus. The meaning is the deceptive lizard. Then he found a large set of bones and named it Brontosaurus. It means the thunder lizard. He thought that this set of bones presented a new species. Actually it was the same with Apatosaurus. The new set of bones was just the adult species of Apatosaurus.

Facts about Apatosaurus 2: the life

Apatosaurus lived on earth around 150 million years ago. They were in Jurassic Period. Get facts about animal extinction here.

Apatosaurus Image

Apatosaurus Image

Facts about Apatosaurus 3: herbivore

If you meet Apatosaurus, you do not have to be afraid since this animal is herbivore. It means that it eats the plants.

Facts about Apatosaurus 4: the tail

The main function of the tail in this Apatosaurus was to counter balance the long neck. Apatosaurus had a long whip like tail.

Apatosaurus Pictures

Apatosaurus Pictures

Facts about Apatosaurus 5: the full size

To have a full sized body, it only took the Apatosaurus to grow up for 10 years.

Facts about Apatosaurus 6: Transformers

If you are a fan of Transformers, you must know Sludge. This autobot character can transform its body into Apatosaurus.

Facts about Apatosaurus

Facts about Apatosaurus

Facts about Apatosaurus 7: the name

Othniel C. Marsh named this species Apatosaurus because it reminded him with  the vicious, sleek and marine reptiles which lived in the end of Cretaceous period.

Facts about Apatosaurus 8: comparison of weight

The weight of Apatosaurus can be compared with other dinosaur species. It was about a par with Brachiosaurus and was heavier than Diplodocus.

Apatosaurus Facts

Apatosaurus Facts

Facts about Apatosaurus 9: the footprints

The footprints of a herd of Apatosaurus were discovered by the researchers in Colorado recently. Get facts about Ankylosaurus here.

Facts about Apatosaurus 10: learning

If you are interested to learn about dinosaur, you have to check out the images of Apatosaurus too. This herbivore animal was famous with its huge body. You can also check out the bones or skeleton of Apatosaurus discovered by Marsh.

Apatosaurus Sketches

Apatosaurus Sketches

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