10 Facts about Aphasia

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Facts about Aphasia inform you with a neurological disorder.  This condition affects the ability of the people to speak the language. Some portions of the brain responsible for the language are damaged which make the people have the difficulty to write and read.  They also have trouble to understand the speech. If you think that Aphasia is a disease, you are wrong. It is just a symptom that you have damages on the brain. Let’s find out more aphasia facts:

Facts about Aphasia 1: the damage of brain

The brain tissue which is responsible for the language is damaged. As a result, the people have the difficulty to comprehend languages. This disorder can develop over time depending on the location and type of the brain damage.

Facts about Aphasia 2: the common causes of Aphasia

The common cause of Aphasia is stroke. Therefore, you need to perform a healthy lifestyle if you want to avoid stroke and heart diseases.

Aphasia and Brain

Aphasia and Brain

Facts about Aphasia 3: other causes

Besides stroke, there are many other causes of Aphasia. Those are the brain tumors, brain infections, severe head trauma and many more.

Facts about Aphasia 4: the types of Aphasia

There are two types of Aphasia.  Both are the non fluent and fluent aphasia. Each category is also divided in several subtypes.

Aphasia Pic

Aphasia Pic

Facts about Aphasia 5: the diagnose

Let’s find out the way to diagnose aphasia. The people will be given several tests to find out the ability to understand and communicate using the languages. With the result of the test, the neurologists will be able to decide the type of Aphasia.

Facts about Aphasia 6: treatment

What about the treatment of Aphasia? It can be treated with language therapy. The method of the therapy is selected based on the location of brain damage. The speech therapy, drug therapy and rehabilitation method can be selected too.



Facts about Aphasia 7: the people who have Aphasia

It is estimated that 1 million people in United States have Aphasia.

Facts about Aphasia 8: the categories

There are 4 broad categories which divide Aphasia. They are the Global aphasia, Expressive aphasia, Patients with anomic or amnesia aphasia and Receptive Aphasia.

Facts about Aphasia

Facts about Aphasia

Facts about Aphasia 9: rehabilitation

It will be great if you can follow the rehabilitation if you want to improve the language skill to treat Aphasia.  You will be encourage to read, white, repeat what you hear and follow the directions. Find out facts about anxiety disorder here.

Facts about Aphasia 10: the researches

Until this present day, the researchers continue their study to cure Aphasia.

Aphasia Facts

Aphasia Facts

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