10 Facts about Aphids

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If you want to know one of the sophisticated and interesting insects, you have to check Facts about Aphids.  Some people hate these insects. But others think that learning Aphids is very interesting. The way this insect eats is very unique. It poops the sugar. It will suck up the sap and pierce the phloem tissue of the host plants to get the sugar. Find out other interesting Aphid facts in the explanation below:

Facts about Aphids 1: the sap

The sap of the plants contains a lot of sugar. There is no need to wonder that this insect has to consume a lot of sap to meet the need of their protein. Do you know that the excessive amount of sugar in the body is eliminated from the body in a form of honeydew? It is a sugary droplet.

Facts about Aphids 2: the sugar loving ants

The sugar loving ants really love aphids because the insects can poop a big amount of sugar.

Facts about Aphids

Facts about Aphids

Facts about Aphids 3: the name

Aphids are known in various names depending on the areas. In Britain and Commonwealth, it is called blackflies, greenflies or even whiteflies. Some people call it plant lice.

Facts about Aphids 4: the superfamily

Aphids are included in the superfamily of Aphidoidea. Actually the insects are very destructive when they live in cultivated plants. The gardeners and farmers hate them a lot.



Facts about Aphids 5: the family

Aphids are included in the family Aphididae.  The insects have 4,400 species.  The species of Aphids included as the serious pests for the farmers and gardeners are around 250 species.

Facts about Aphids 6: the length

Can you guess the length of Aphids? They can come around 0.04 to 0.39 inches or 1 to 10 millimeters. Find out a big animal in ape facts.

Aphids In Black

Aphids In Black

Facts about Aphids 7: the natural enemies

There are several natural enemies of aphids. Those are the parasitic wasps, entomopathogenic fungi, hoverfly larvae, predatory ladybirds, lacewings, lacewings and crab spiders.

Facts about Aphids 8: the range

You can find Aphids around the world. But most of them live in temperate zones. The insects can migrate to other areas with the help of the winds.



Facts about Aphids 9: the body

The body of aphids is very soft. It comes in various colors depending on the species. It can be pink, brown, black, or green. But some of them have colorless body. Get facts about antlions here.

Facts about Aphids 10: diet

Aphids are included as monophagous animals. It means that they feed only on one species of plant.

Aphid Facts

Aphid Facts

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