10 Facts about Applique

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Facts about Applique tell you about ornament located on a surface of cloths or fabrics. Most Appliques are in one piece. But the definition of Applique can be different if you check it out in the ceramic. The primary ceramic will be decorated with a separate piece of clay as the Applique. Let’s find out more facts about Applique by reading the following post below:

Facts about Applique 1: the French term

Applique is derived from French. The meaning is applied. In other words, you can define Applique as the thing that has been applied.

Facts about Applique 2: the garment

Most Appliques can be seen on the garment. This surface pattern is used to embellish the surface of the clothes, garments and other products. There is no need to wonder that Applique is very popular in the textile industry. Find out a clothing designer in Alexander McQueen facts.

Facts about Applique

Facts about Applique

Facts about Applique 3: the needlework technique

The needlework technique used by the people to create patterns or images on the clothes is called the Applique. This term is applied in the context of sewing. The large fabric will be decorated with smaller pieces of fabric in different colors.

Facts about Applique 4: the Hastings Embroidery

The Hastings Embroidery is one of the famous examples of Applique. In the context of sewing, the Applique is often seen in banner making process to make it easier for the people to see the word in a far away distance.

Applique Petals

Applique Petals

Facts about Applique 5: the Applique clothes

The Applique clothes are included as a form of art. Since the 18th century, it has been a tradition for the people in Benin, West Africa to have it.

Facts about Applique 6: the traditional American quilt blocks

The famous examples of the traditional American quilt blocks are the Sunbonnet Sue and Dresden Plate. In the quilts, Applique and patchwork are applied.

Applique Images

Applique Images

Facts about Applique 7: other works using quilts

There are many other quilted works which use Appliques. Those include Egyptian Khayamiya, ralli quilts of India and Pakistan, Hawaiian quilts, Broderie perse, and Baltimore album quilts.

Facts about Applique 8: the Pakistan quilt

One example of Pakistan quilt is Quilting Ralli Applique. It is mostly applied in the clothing for women.


Applique Facts

Applique Facts

Facts about Applique 9: types of Appliques

There are several types of Appliques. Those are reserve Applique, satin stitch and straight stitch.

Facts about Applique 10: the quick Applique

Placing the Applique can be an elaborate process. But today, it is very simple for us to get Appliques due to the invention of embroidery machines.

Applique Art

Applique Art

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