10 Facts about Apricot

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Facts about Apricot tell you about the small juicy fruit. The shape of apricot reminds you with small peaches.  The fruit can come in orange or yellow color. This fruit is included in the plum group. It has been cultivated in various areas in the world. Many people use apricots when they want to decorate the pie, snack or even ice cream. Find out more facts about apricot below:

Facts about Apricot 1: the edible seeds

Don’t throw away the seeds of apricots.   You can eat them.  The flesh of apricot is crunchy and sweet. You can choose the fresh or the dried apricots. Both give you a lot of nutrients for the body.

Facts about Apricot 2: the iron and potassium content

Apricot is the good source for iron and potassium. Both nutrients help the body to maintain the health of muscles and nerves.



Facts about Apricot 3: the blood pressure

You have to stabilize the blood pressure if you want to stay fit and healthy all of the time. The body fluid will be balanced if you eat apricot.

Facts about Apricot 4: vitamin A

If you want to take care the eyes, you do not have to eat carrots or tomatoes all of the time.  You can pick the fruits which contain a lot of vitamin A such as apricot. It protects the eye membrane and increases the immune system.

Apricot Fruit

Apricot Fruit

Facts about Apricot 5: beta carotene

Apricot is also a good source of beta carotene. If the body contains beta carotene, you can reduce the risk of having different types of cancer. You can get healthy heart with the combination of potassium, iron and beta-carotene. Find out another nutritious food in almond facts.

Facts about Apricot 6: the bad cholesterol

The bad cholesterol in the body is not good for our health since it can make the people have heart disease or even stroke. You can reduce the bad cholesterol by eating apricots.

Apricot Seed

Apricot Seed

Facts about Apricot 7: the tree

The tree of an apricot is called Prunus Armniaca. However, it has the close relations with Prunus mume, Prunus sibirica, Prunus brigantina, and Prunus mandshurica. People also call the fruits of those trees apricots. Find out another tree in apple tree facts.

Facts about Apricot 8: the tree of apricot

The height of a small apricot tree is around 26 to 39 feet or 8 to 12 meters. The diameter of the trunk is around 16 inches or 40 cm.

Facts about Apricot

Facts about Apricot

Facts about Apricot 9: the leaves

The apricot tree has ovate leaves. It comes in the width at 1.6 to 3.1 inches or 4-8 cm.

Facts about Apricot 10: the size of the fruit

The size of the apricot fruit is around 06 till 1.0 inch or 1.5 till 2.5 cm.

Apricot Fresh

Apricot Fresh

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