10 Facts about April

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about April in the following explanation. April is the fourth month in our calendar. There are many famous people and important celebration that we have in April such as the April fool’s day. It is celebrated in the first day of April every year. April was called Eastermonad in the Old English language. Here are other facts about April for you:

Facts about April 1: a name for your baby

April is one of the most popular names for a baby girl. The parents name their baby April because they believe that it is a good name for their baby according to the recent survey.

Facts about April 2: the list of the most popular baby girl’s name

Based on the recent survey in 2012 in United Kingdom, the name April was located in 233rd most popular as a name for a baby.   This name is behind Natalie.

April Hello

April Hello

Facts about April 3: April fool’s Day

April is always associated with April fool’s day. It is celebrated by all people in the world on the first day of April. Even though it is not a national holiday, the celebration is fun and witty. They will create hoaxes, pranks or jokes to others. The first usage of April fool was dated back in 1693.

Facts about April 4: the April gentleman

In English, there is a term April gentleman. It is used to call a fool for a newly married man.

April Fool and Prank

April Fool and Prank

Facts about April 5: the paper fish

The April fool tradition in each country is different. The people in Italy, France and Belgium call the April fool as April fish because they have the habit of placing the paper fish at the back of their victim without their notice. Get facts about April fool’s day here.

Facts about April 6: the important days

In 1987 till 1996, April was considered as the International Guitar Month. Today, it is called as the national poetry month in United States.



Facts about April 7: TS Eliot

TS Eliot is one of the famous authors in the world. You have to check out the opening of The Waste Land by TS Eliot. He wrote that April was the cruelest month.

Facts about April 8: the Roman calendar

Today, April is the fourth month. But it was introduced as the second month in the beginning of the Roman calendar. The original name of April was Aprilis. The meaning is to open. Get facts about ancient Rome here.

Facts about April

Facts about April

Facts about April 9: hibernation

During the month of April, there are many animals coming after the hibernation such as butterflies, birds and bees.

Facts about April 10: the weather

In April, people love to go outside to enjoy the warm weather.

April 1

April 1

Are you fascinated reading facts about April?

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