10 Facts about Aquae Sulis

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Facts about Aquae Sulis tell you about the present English city of Bath in Somerset. In the past, Aquae Sulis was a small town in Roman Province of Britannia. In AD 60s, the construction of a formal temple complex by The Romans was started. The Romans stepped their feet in Britain in AD 43. Then they arrived in Aquae Sulis. The evidence can be seen on the Fosse Way. It was a military road used by the Romans to cross River Avon. Let me show you more facts about Aquae Sulis below:

Facts about Aquae Sulis 1: attraction

During the presence of the Roman Military in the area, they were attracted by the large natural hot spring. At that time, the hot spring was used to honor Sulis, the goddess. It was a shrine of the Celtic Brythons.

Facts about Aquae Sulis 2: the natural spring location

Let’s find out the location of this hot spring. You can visit it in Southwest England in the Valley of Avon River. This spring is very special in Britain. It is the only one in Britain labeled as hot spring.

Aquae Sulis Facts

Aquae Sulis Facts

Facts about Aquae Sulis 3: the name Aquae Sulis

Aquae Sulis was taken from the Latin word. It means the waters of Sulis. The Romans believed the goddess of Sulis was similar with their goddess, Minerva. Therefore, they encouraged the worship of the goddess.

Facts about Aquae Sulis 4: the Celts

The Celts did not find out any difficulties to adapt the Roman culture due to the similarities of Sulis and Minerva.

Aquae Sulis Image

Aquae Sulis Image

Facts about Aquae Sulis 5: the complex

The spring was built in magnificent structure. It featured a temple and Roman Bath complex. Get facts about ancient Roman Art here.

Facts about Aquae Sulis 6: the tablets

The archeologists have recovered around 130 messages to Sulis Goddess. They were written on tablets.

Aquae Sulis Pic

Aquae Sulis Pic

Facts about Aquae Sulis 7: The Latin words

The Tablets which contained the messages to the goddess Sulis were mostly written in Latin. But one was found in Brythonic language. The main purpose of writing the tablets to Sulis was to lay curses.

Facts about Aquae Sulis 8: the religious settlement

In the third century, Aquae Sulis was called as the religious area. It was surrounded by the stone walls for protection.  If you were inside the area, it came in open ground.

Facts about Aquae Sulis

Facts about Aquae Sulis

Facts about Aquae Sulis 9: the decline

The decline of the Roman Empire made the Aquae Sulis abandoned. The hot spring was still in use, but the great suits of baths were abandoned. Check another historical destination in Anzac Cove facts.

Facts about Aquae Sulis 10: the remains

If you are interested to know Aqua Sulis, you can check out the remains in Britain.

Aquae Sulis Picture

Aquae Sulis Picture

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