10 Facts about Aquaman

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Facts about Aquaman talk about one of the main superheroes in DC comics. There are many superheroes in the world such as Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Robin, Superman and many more.  Which one is your favorite? Aquaman is also a wonderful superhero character with amazing abilities.  Let’s find out more interesting ideas about Aquaman in the following explanation:

Facts about Aquaman 1: the creators

Can you tell me the creators of Aquaman?  They are Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger.  The first comic of Aquaman was introduced in November 1942 in More Fun Comics #73.

Facts about Aquaman 2: a backup feature

At first, Aquaman was only a backup feature in anthology titles of DC Comics. Due to the increased popularity, it was published in a solo title in several volumes.

Aquaman Character

Aquaman Character

Facts about Aquaman 3: the Silver Age

If you check out his series in the Silver Age Period in the end of 1950s and 1960, Aquaman was depicted as a founding member of Justice League of America.

Facts about Aquaman 4: King Atlantis

Aquaman was depicted as King of Atlantis in the Modern Age in 1990s. The storyline became increasingly more serious than the previous ones.

Aquaman DC Comics

Aquaman DC Comics

Facts about Aquaman 5: a king or a fallen hero

There are several accounts that make us think whether Aquaman actually is a fallen hero or a king. He struggles to find the true role for him. The ill reputation among the public makes him as a brooding and serious character.

Facts about Aquaman 6: movies

If you want to know the movies of Aquaman, you have to wait until 2018 with a solo film. But this character will take part in movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.  The character of Aquaman will be played by Jason Momoa. Find out an evil character in Annabelle facts.

Aquaman Facts

Aquaman Facts

Facts about Aquaman 7: the beginning of Golden Age

In the beginning of Golden Age appearance, Aquaman was depicted of controlling the fish and breathing underwater. He was able to communicate with the marine animals using their language.

Facts about Aquaman 8: the wartime

Let’s find out his wartime period. He had to deal with different kinds of sea based criminals, and fought again Axis villains and Nazi U-boat commanders.



Facts about Aquaman 9: the last appearance

The last appearance of Aquaman was seen in DC comic issue #107 in More Fun Comics.

Facts about Aquaman 10: Adeventure Comics

In 1946, Aquaman had moved to Adventure Comics along with Superboy and Green Arrow.

Facts about Aquaman

Facts about Aquaman

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