10 Facts about Aquarius

Saturday, March 14th 2015. | Mythology

Let me show you one of the significant astrological signs in Facts about Aquarius. If you check out the zodiac signs, Aquarius is placed in the eleventh position.  It is derived from the constellation of Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is always depicted with a water carrier. Let me show you more facts about Aquarius by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aquarius 1: the water carrier

Let’s find out the legend of the water carrier used to symbolize Aquarius. It was taken from the Ganymede. It was a beautiful Phrygian youth. According to the legend, King of Troy was the father of Ganymede. But Dardanus was also his father based on Lucian.

Facts about Aquarius 2: the most beautiful man

Ganymede who was a young prince was called as the most beautiful man in Troy.

Aquarius Facts

Aquarius Facts

Facts about Aquarius 3: The Greek Mythology

The Greek mythology had a story about Ganymede.  When this beautiful prince was on Mount Ida to tend the sheep of his father, he was spotted by Zeus.

Facts about Aquarius 4: the love of the King of God

Zeus was deeply interested at him due to his wonderful beauty. In the ancient Greece, it was very common for a man to have a young boy as their lover. Therefore, Zeus who was in love with this prince wanted to own him.

Aquarius Myth

Aquarius Myth

Facts about Aquarius 5: transformation

To get what he wanted, Zeus transformed himself into a giant eagle. He grabbed the young prince Ganymede from Mount Ida and took him to Mount Olympus to be his lover.

Facts about Aquarius 6: the relationship

The relationship between the older man, Zeus and the young boy Ganymede was a sort of a mentor. Therefore, Ganymede had a job to carry the personal cup of Zeus. He would bring water for Zeus.

Facts about Aquarius
Facts about Aquarius

Facts about Aquarius 7: the father of Ganymede

Zeus gave compensation for the father of Ganymede with a herd of the finest horses.

Facts about Aquarius 8: freedom

By being the personal cup barrier of Zeus, it means that he became the slave of Zeus. One day, Ganymede could not resist anymore and did not want to be the cup bearer. Thus, he poured the water, ambrosia and wine of the god.

Aquarius Image

Aquarius Image

Facts about Aquarius 9: flood

After he poured all of the water, it fell to earth and created hard rains which led into massive flood around the world. Find out another mythological character in Apollo facts.

Facts about Aquarius 10: the Aquarius myth

At first, Zeus was mad at him. But he realized that Ganymede was treated unfair. Thus, he made him immortal as a constellation Aquarius.



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