10 Facts about Aquatic Animals

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Let’s find out the interesting animals in Facts about Aquatic Animals.  You can find diverse animals here such as fishes, dolphins, sea urchin, octopuses, clam, sea stars, sponges, fin whales, tortoise, sharks, and many more. They have unique behavior which impresses the people.  Here are some facts about aquatic animals below:

Facts about Aquatic Animals 1: the longest live of animals

Can you guess the animals which have the longest lives? The third position is taken by the deep sea clam. They can live up 100 years. The second position is the fin whales with 116 years. The most impressive one is Marion’s tortoise which can live up to 152 years. Get facts about Animalia here.

Facts about Aquatic Animals 2: porpoises and dolphins

Whistling, moaning, squeaking and growling are some forms of communication that porpoises and dolphins use.  Actually porpoises and dolphins have 40 species.

Aquatic Animal Facts

Aquatic Animal Facts

Facts about Aquatic Animals 3: blue whale

Blue whale is very huge. You can compare the weight of the blue whales’ heart with a small car. The weight of a blue whale’s tongue can be compared with the weight of a fuller grown adult elephant.

Facts about Aquatic Animals 4: the black ink

If you are swimming and meet octopuses, don’t make them angry. Or you will be shot with black ink. Find out facts about animal behavior here.

Aquatic Animal Image

Aquatic Animal Image

Facts about Aquatic Animals 5: the largest animals

The largest animals which ever existed on earth are blue whale. The report stated that it has the weight of 125 tons and the length at 96 feet.

Facts about Aquatic Animals 6: the largest rodent

Capybara is the largest rodent in the world.

Aquatic Animal in Water

Aquatic Animal in Water

Facts about Aquatic Animals 7: the smallest fish

Tell me the smallest fish in the world. They are from Philippines. Both are pygmy goby and Luzon goby. When the fish are fully grown, they only have the length at one half inch.

Facts about Aquatic Animals 8: the Dead Sea

Dead Sea is one of the interesting oceans in the world. However, you will never see fishes living in Dead Sea. Why? The sea contains excessive amount of salt.

Aquatic Animal Pic

Aquatic Animal Pic

Facts about Aquatic Animals 9: the heaviest fish

Ocean Sunfish takes the record as the heaviest fish ever caught in the world. The weight is 4,928 lbs.

Facts about Aquatic Animals 10: the eyes of giant squid

If you check out the giant squid, you will be fascinated with the size of the eyes.  The diameter of the eyes is around 16 inches or 40 cm.

Facts about Aquatic Animals

Facts about Aquatic Animals

Are you interested reading facts about aquatic animals?

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