10 Facts about Aquatic Biomes

Sunday, March 15th 2015. | Environment

If you want to know the plants and animals which live in the water, check out Facts about Aquatic Biomes. One of the largest biomes in the world is the aquatic biome. It spans on 75 percent of surface on earth. You can find the small, simple, or even big plants and animals living here. The life in the aquatic biome started billion years ago. Let’s find out more facts about aquatic biomes below:

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 1: the importance of water

The aquatic biomes are very important in the world. Can you imagine if there is no water on earth?  This planet will be barren. There will be no living creatures.

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 2: the types of aquatic biomes

There are two basic categories of aquatic biomes. Both are marine and freshwater biomes. The marine biome consists of estuaries, coral reefs and oceans. The freshwater biome includes wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.

Aquatic Animal Pic

Aquatic Animal Pic

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 3: the freshwater biome

Can you define the freshwater biome? It is characterized with the low level of salt concentration. If the freshwater plants and animals are taken in the marine biome, they will not be able to live due to the high concentration of salt in marine biome.

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 4: ponds and lakes

Let’s differentiate ponds and lakes. Lakes usually can last hundreds of years or more. On the other hand, ponds only last for weeks or months.

Aquatic Biome

Aquatic Biome

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 5: the topmost zone

The topmost zone of the ponds of lakes is called the littoral zone. It is inhabited by different kinds of animals and plants due to the warm temperature. You can find crustaceans, amphibians, fishes, clams, aquatic plants and insects here.

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 6: limnetic zone

Limnetic zone contains zooplankton and phytoplankton. They are very important in the food chain.

Aquatic Biomes and Animals

Aquatic Biomes and Animals

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 7: the ocean biome

The ocean biome covers most parts of aquatic biome. There are four zones which make up the ocean biome. Those are intertidal, pelagic, abyssal and benthic.

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 8: coral reef

If you want to find the coral reefs, you just have to come to the warm shallow waters. You can go to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which contains a lot of beautiful reefs. Other animals which live here are sea urchins, fishes, sea stars and octopuses.

Facts about Aquatic Biomes

Facts about Aquatic Biomes

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 9: the survival of human being

The survival of human being lays on the survival of freshwater and marine biome. Therefore, we have to maintain both of them. Get facts about aquatic animals here.

Facts about Aquatic Biomes 10: the tropical area

The saltier ocean is spotted in most tropical areas due to the high level of sun evaporation.

Aquatic Biomes and Fish

Aquatic Biomes and Fish

Are you fascinated with facts about aquatic biomes?

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