10 Facts about Arab Spring

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Facts about Arab Spring tell you about the revolutionary wave of protest and demonstration in Arab World. The spring came in the form of civil wars, riots, violet act, non violent act, protest and demonstration.  It spreads throughout the countries in Arab. The first revolutionary wave occurred on 18 December 2010. Check out more facts about Arab Spring:

Facts about Arab Spring 1: the end of the protest

The initial protest and revolution of Arab wave ended in the mid 2012.  But it still continues in North Africa and Middle East. Get facts about Africa here.

Facts about Arab Spring 2: the power of the rulers

The power of the rulers in Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt has been eliminated by the people by January 2015.

Arab Spring Facts

Arab Spring Facts

Facts about Arab Spring 3: the civil uprisings and protests

The civil uprising and protests spread all over the Arab world.   It triggered in Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Mauritania, Palestine, Djibouti, Sudan, Morocco, Israel, Iraq, and Western Sahara. Check Algeria facts here.

Facts about Arab Spring 4: the campaigns

The campaigns of Arab Spring are in the form of demonstration, rallies, marches and strike.

Arab Spring Images

Arab Spring Images

Facts about Arab Spring 5: the social media

The social media are very important to raise the awareness of the people to take part in the civil uprisings. It is used to communicate and organize the protests and demonstrations.

Facts about Arab Spring 6: the responses

The Arab Spring is responded by the government with violent reactions. The protestors want to bring down the regime.

Arab Spring Map

Arab Spring Map

Facts about Arab Spring 7: the causes

Can you guess the causes of Arab Spring? The young people as well as the unions were dissatisfied with the rules of the local governments. Other believed that it was because of the disparity of the income between the people.

Facts about Arab Spring 8: other causes

Other causes of Arab spring were the political occupations, human right violations, absolute monarchy, dictatorship, extreme poverty, unemployment, and economic decline. Most of them believed that the Turkish had the ideal style. Turkey has Islam government, but it has secular constitution.  It also has the liberal economy with peaceful election.

Facts about Arab Spring

Facts about Arab Spring

Facts about Arab Spring 9: the price of food

The price of food and the increased rates of famines in Arab world lead into the civil uprising too.

Facts about Arab Spring 10: President Hosni Mubarak

After 18 days of massive demonstration and protest, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt had to let go his power on 11 February 2011.

Arab Spring Pic

Arab Spring Pic

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