10 Facts about Arabian Desert

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Let’s talk Facts about Arabian Desert if you want to know the arid area in western Asia. This desert spreads from Roman to Iraq and Jordan and from Yemen to Persian Gulf. It covers the area of 900,000 square miles or 2,330,00 square kilometers. Most of the Arabian Peninsula is covered by Arabian Desert. Here are other facts about Arabian Desert here:

Facts about Arabian Desert 1: Rub’al-Khali

Rub’al-Khali is the center of Arabian Desert. It takes the record as one of the largest bodies of sand in the world.

Facts about Arabian Desert 2: the condition

The Arabian Desert shows you one of the extreme environments in the world. But there are several animals which can live and survive here such as spiny tailed lizards, sand cats, Oryx and gazelles.


Arabian Desert Facts

Arabian Desert Facts

Facts about Arabian Desert 3: the climate

I believe that you have guessed the climate of Arabian Desert? This arid area has the dry climate.  Some parts of the desert receive 100 mm of rain per year. But other parts of the desert only get below 500 mm of rain per year. During the day, the temperature is very hot. When the night comes, it is very cold.

Facts about Arabian Desert 4: the hunting and habitat destruction

Even though the Arabian Desert is very hot and dry, many people like to hunt here. The animals extinct due to the habitat destruction and hunting are the honey badger, striped hyena and jackal.

Arabian Desert Image

Arabian Desert Image

Facts about Arabian Desert 5: sand gazelle

Sand gazelle are re-introduced in the desert. They are protected in various reserves in Arabian Desert.

Facts about Arabian Desert 6: the natural resources

Arabian Desert contains several natural resources such as phosphate, natural gas, oil, and sulfur.

Arabian Desert Tour

Arabian Desert Tour

Facts about Arabian Desert 7: the diversity in Rub’al-Khali

The diversity of flora in Rub’al-Khali is very limited.  It only contains 37 species. 17 species are located in the outer margin, while 20 of them are in the main body of the desert. Get facts about Arabic here.

Facts about Arabian Desert 8: the typical plants in Arabian Desert

Some plants which live in the Arabian Desert are cacti, saltbush, Cyperus conglomerates and Calligonum crinitum.

Arabian Desert and Camels

Arabian Desert and Camels

Facts about Arabian Desert 9: Sahara Desert

Do you know that the Arabian Desert actually is the extension of the Sahara desert? It is very hot and dry. Every year, it receives a lot of sunlight.

Facts about Arabian Desert 10: the summer temperature

During the summer, the temperature in Arabian Desert is around 104 degree F or 40 degree C.

Facts about Arabian Desert

Facts about Arabian Desert

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