10 Facts about Arabian Horses

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Facts about Arabian Horses talk about the famous breed of horse from Arabian Peninsula. It is recognized with the high tail carriage and head shape. The Arabian horses were dated back 4,500 years ago. Therefore, it is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Due to the strong bones, endurance, refinement and speed, it becomes one of the important horses in the trade and war. Here are other facts about Arabian horses below:

Facts about Arabian Horses 1: the modern breed of horses

If you check out the modern breed of riding horses, most of them contain the Arabian bloodiness.

Facts about Arabian Horses 2: the important wealth

The nomadic Bedouin people consider the Arabian horses as the wealth. To prevent them being stolen by others, the horses are kept inside the family tent or shelter. They are developed in the desert climate.

Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

Facts about Arabian Horses 3: the raiding and war

Arabian horses are good selection for the war and raiding.  It has high level of alertness and high sprit. It has good nature and is easy to train.

Facts about Arabian Horses 4: the characteristics of the body

Let’s find out the characteristics of the Arabian horse’s body. They have a broad forehead, large nostrils, large eyes, wedge shaped head and small muzzles.

Arabian Horses Black

Arabian Horses Black

Facts about Arabian Horses 5: the variations

There are variations of Arabian horses.   Some of them have powerful muscles and wider body. Others have short back and compact body. But all of them have great endurance.

Facts about Arabian Horses 6: the size of Arabian horses

The Arabian horses have the height around 145 cm to 155 cm or 14.1 to 15.1 hands. The height is not really important because all Arabians are included as horses regardless the height.

Arabian Horses Pic

Arabian Horses Pic

Facts about Arabian Horses 7: the myth

There is a myth that makes people believe that Arabians horses are not powerful and strong due to the refined and small size. Get facts about Arabic here.

Facts about Arabian Horses 8: the physical strength

Even though the Arabian horses are smaller compared to the taller breeds of horses, they have sound feet, greater bone density, and short back.

Arabian Horses White

Arabian Horses White

Facts about Arabian Horses 9: a heavy rider

Even though Arabian horses are small, they can carry the heavy rider. Therefore, it is a good selection for the desert riding. Check Arabian Desert facts here.

Facts about Arabian Horses 10: good nature

Arabian horses have good nature since they live hand in hand with human beings. They have been known to live in the desert with human beings for centuries. Since they have good temperaments, children are allowed to exhibit stallions.

Facts about Arabian Horses

Facts about Arabian Horses

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