10 Facts about Arachne

Tuesday, March 17th 2015. | Mythology

Facts about Arachne talk about a Greek mythological character who was an arrogant woman. Then she became a spider which made her lose her proud.  Have you ever heard arachnophobia? It is the intense fear of spider. It was taken from the Greek word Arachne. Let me show you more interesting facts about Arachne by reading the following post below:

Facts about Arachne 1: the characters of Arachne

Let’s find out the characters or personalities of Arachne. She was depicted as a proud and arrogant woman. She enjoyed seeing another people’s downfalls.

Facts about Arachne 2: who was Arachne?

The name of her father was Idmon. He was well known due to his job of weaving rolls of wools into different shades of purple.  His father introduced the art of spinning to her at the early age.

Arachne Image

Arachne Image

Facts about Arachne 3: weaving at early age

After she saw her father weaving and spinning the colorful wool, she was very interested and did it at her young age.

Facts about Arachne 4: the amazing skill

Arachne had an amazing skill at spinning. It made the heaven fascinated with her works and skill. However, this wonderful skill made Arachne lost her mind and became an arrogant woman. She even challenged Athena, the goddess of wisdom to have a spinning duel.

Arachne Pic

Arachne Pic

Facts about Arachne 5: a chance to cancel the duel

Athena decided to disguise herself into an old woman and met her so that she wanted to cancel the spinning duel with Athena. However, Arachne was proud and she told the old woman that she did not need her advice.  Then the old woman changed herself into Athena and accepted her spinning duel challenged. Find out another mythological character in Aquarius facts.

Facts about Arachne 6: the spinning duel

The spinning duel was very changeling for both Arachne and Athena. Athena spun a beautiful scene which showed the gods in heaven. On the other hand, the word of Arachne showed the weakness of the gods in a web.

Facts about Arachne

Facts about Arachne

Facts about Arachne 7: the disrespectful work

The work of Arachne was very disrespectful to gods. It made Athena very upset and furious even though the work of Arachne was very beautiful. Athena broke Arachne’s work into pieces.

Facts about Arachne 8: suicide

Arachne realized that she had made mistakes. Thus, she hung herself.

Arachne Facts

Arachne Facts

Facts about Arachne 9: the shocked Athena

Athena was very shocked when she saw Arachne taking her own life. So she gave her life back, not as a human but as a spider.

Facts about Arachne 10: the first spider

The Greek mythology believed that Arachne was the first spider on earth who loved to spin the web. Get facts about arachnids here.



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