10 Facts about Arachnids

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If you want to know the animals which have eight legs, you can check Facts about Arachnids. The word Arachnid is taken from Greek. It means spider. They can be seen living in marine and freshwater environment. Most of them are included as terrestrial animals. The members of Arachnids are not only spiders. They include mites, ticks, harvestmen, solifuges and scorpions.  Let me show you more facts about arachnids below:

Facts about Arachnids 1: the characteristics of the body

Let’s find out the characteristics of Arachnids to differentiate these animals with others.  They have eight legs. Therefore, you can distinguish them with insects which have six legs. The body of Arachnids is divided into tagmata.

Facts about Arachnids 2: the function of pairs of appendages

Can you tell me the function of pairs of appendages? They are used by the animals as the sensory perception, defense and feeding.

Arachnid Facts

Arachnid Facts

Facts about Arachnids 3: the feeding and defense

The feeding and defense are located in the first pair of appendages. They are called the chelicerae.

Facts about Arachnids 4: the pedipalps

The pedipalps are the other pair of appendages. They are used for locomotion, feeding and reproduction.



Facts about Arachnids 5: the legs of mites and ricinulei

When the Ricinulei and mites are in larvae stage, they only have six legs.   When these animals moult into nymphs, they will develop the fourth pair.

Facts about Arachnids 6: the blood of Arachnid

The composition of blood in Arachnid is various.  It is determined by the mode of respiration. Haemocyanin is seen in the blood of some spiders and scorpions. Haemocyanin has the similar function to hemoglobin that you can find in the blood of vertebrates. It is a copper based pigment.



Facts about Arachnids 7: heart

Talking about the heart, Arachnids are different. Most of them have the heart situated in the front part of the abdomen.  The heart may come in segment or not. If you check out mites, you will never see any heart in the body.

Facts about Arachnids 8: food

Most Arachnids are carnivorous. They like to eat small animals and insects. Several members of Arachnids are venomous. They kill the prey or enemies using the secreted venom. There is no need to wonder that many people develop the intense fear of Arachnids. It is called Arachnophobia. Get facts about Arachnophobia here.

Arachnid Facts

Arachnid Facts

Facts about Arachnids 9: the stomach

The stomach of Arachnids has multiple diverticula. To absorb the nutrients from the food, the digestive enzyme will be produced.

Facts about Arachnids 10: spider

One of the well known members of Arachnids is spider. There are more than 40,000 species of spiders. Some of them are venomous, while others are harmless.

Arachnid Pic

Arachnid Pic

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