10 Facts about Aragon Spain

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Facts about Aragon Spain talk about the autonomous community in Spain.  The location of Aragon is in northeastern Spain.  During the medieval era, it was called kingdom of Aragon.  The capital of Aragon is Zaragoza. In English, you can call it Saragossa. There are three provinces in Aragon. Those are Huesca, Zaragosa and Teruel. Here are other facts about Aragon for you:

Facts about Aragon Spain 1: the area

Aragon Spain spans on the area of 18,424 square miles or 47,719 km2.  The terrain of Aragon is filled with pasture lands, glaciers, lowlands, orchards and verdant valleys.

Facts about Aragon Spain 2: the river

Can you mention the river located in Aragon? River Ebro is called as the largest river in volume in Spain. It is called as the most well known river in Aragon. It spans through Zaragoza.


Aragon Spain Image

Aragon Spain Image

Facts about Aragon Spain 3: the population

Let me show you the population of Aragon Spain. It was inhabited by 1,349,467 people in 2012. The capital city was inhabited by 50 percent of the whole population.

Facts about Aragon Spain 4: the citizens in Aragon

The province of Zaragoza is inhabited by 71.8 percent of the whole population. 11.1 percent is in Teruel and 17.1 percent is in Huesca.

Aragon Spain Pic

Aragon Spain Pic

Facts about Aragon Spain 5: language

The people in Aragon use Spanish as their official language.  Most people use this language to communicate with others for the everyday occasion.

Facts about Aragon Spain 6: the Catalan language

The Catalan language is also important in Aragon. It is mostly spoken by the people who live in Matarraña, Bajo Cinca, Ribagorza, Bajo Aragón-Caspe, and La Litera. Get facts about Aral Sea here.

Facts about Aragon Spain

Facts about Aragon Spain

Facts about Aragon Spain 7: the mountain landscape

Aragon is a great place to visit. You can enjoy different kinds of mountain landscapes here. You can find out the deep canyons, amazing waterfalls and dense forest here.

Facts about Aragon Spain 8: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

Don’t forget to check out Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. It is located near the border of France. You can enjoy the view of impressive waterfalls, lake caverns, canyons and diverse animals and plants.

Aragon Spain

Aragon Spain

Facts about Aragon Spain 9: climate

Can you define the climate of Aragon? It has continental moderate climate. The temperature of Aragon is determined by the altitude in the area. If you live along the mountain, you will feel cold in the summer season. If you live in central lowlands, you can enjoy hot temperature in summer season. Check  out another destination in Aque Sulis facts.

Facts about Aragon Spain 10: the famous people from Aragon

The famous people in Aragon include Elizabeth of Aragon, Joseph Calasanz, and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, Michael Servetus and Francisco Garcés.

Aragon Spain Facts

Aragon Spain Facts

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