10 Facts about Arbor Day

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One of the important events in the world is explained in Facts about Arbor Day. The Arbor Day is very important in the world because it can save earth. Can you imagine if out earth is barren? There will be no life if the plants are dead.  You can check out the history of Arbor Day by reading the following post below:

Facts about Arbor Day 1: the origin

Let’s find out the origin of the Arbor Day? On 10th April 1872, the first Arbor Day was conducted in Nebraska, Nebraska City.

Facts about Arbor Day 2: The founder

Can you guess the founder of Arbor Day? He is J. Sterling Morton. He is the President Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of Agriculture. During the first day of Arbor Day, there were 1 million trees planted in the area.

Arbor Day 2014

Arbor Day 2014

Facts about Arbor Day 3: the main purpose of Arbor Day

The main purpose of Arbor Day is to encourage the people to grow the trees and care them. The beginning of Arbor Day was in Nebraska. But it soon spread around United States and other countries in the world.

Facts about Arbor Day 4: the name of Arbor Day

The word arbor was taken from the Latin. The meaning is tree.  You can translate the Arbor Day as Tree Day. There is no exact date of Arbor Day in the world because each country has different climate and planting season.

Arbor Day Event

Arbor Day Event

Facts about Arbor Day 5: Birdsey Northrop

Do you know the chairman of the committee who showed the Arbor Day in the world? He is Birdsey Northrop. The first country that he introduced to Arbor Day was Japan. In 1883, the Japanese knew the Arbor Day. Get facts about Arab Spring here.

Facts about Arbor Day 6: the legal holiday

Arbor Day has been called as a legal holiday in Nebraska since 22 April 1885. During the day, there were 1000 children having a parade to encourage the people about the importance of planting trees.

Arbor Day Kids

Arbor Day Kids

Facts about Arbor Day 7: the states in America

It seems that the people in America realize the importance of Arbor Day since 20 years later after the first celebration of Arbor Day. This holiday is celebrated in each state in United States now.

Facts about Arbor Day 8: the Sylvan Day

At first, the day was intended to be called as Sylvan Day. Arbor Day is selected because it can represent the fruit and forest trees. If they chose Sylvan Day, it only represented the forest trees.

Arbor Day Facts

Arbor Day Facts

Facts about Arbor Day 9: the statue

If you visit National Hall of Fame in Washington DC, you can find out the statue of J. Sterling Morton. Find out another even in All Hallow Eve Facts here.

Facts about Arbor Day 10: the idea

This man had an idea to create an arbor day because he thought that Nebraska had few trees.

Facts about Arbor Day

Facts about Arbor Day

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