10 Facts about Archaeologists

Wednesday, March 18th 2015. | Science

Facts about Archaeologists tell you about one of the interesting professions in the world.   The people who want to examine the ancient sites and objects have to learn archeology. The way the archeologist works can be based on the type of the objects, historical periods or even based on the geographical areas.   Some examples of their findings are bones, coins and potteries. Here are other facts about archeologists for you:

Facts about Archaeologists 1: excavations

When we talk about archeologists, many people always associate them with excavations. The process of the digging   is one of the ways to discover the important objects.

Facts about Archaeologists 2: the working area

If you think that all archeologists work in outdoor areas, you are wrong. They can be seen working in heritage centers, museums, local authorities, research organization, universities and local authorities.

Archaeologist Facts

Archaeologist Facts

Facts about Archaeologists 3: the sites

There are many things that the archeologists have to do in the archeological sites. They can use a wide array of methods when they want to survey the sites. They can have geophysical survey, field walking and aerial photography.

Facts about Archaeologists 4: have a team

When the archeologists want to do excavation or digging process, they will different kinds of tools. They do not work alone. The team is needed to make sure that each one does their job. The one who manages the team is the archeologist.

Archaeologist Works

Archaeologist Works

Facts about Archaeologists 5: the computer application

Due to the modern technology, it will be easier for the archeologists to make research, record and interpret the objects. The GIS or geographical information system and CAD or computer aided design are some of the computer applications to analyze the landscape, objects and findings.

Facts about Archaeologists 6: the famous archeological sites

There are various archeological sites in the world. If you   go to Egypt, you can check out mummies, sphinx and pyramids. Get facts about archeology here.



Facts about Archaeologists 7: the pre historic animals

One of the important archeological objects is the bones of the prehistoric animal, dinosaur. There are many kinds of dinosaur bones that have been found by the archeologists such as Apatosaurus, brontosaurus and Ankylosaurus. Get facts about apatosaurus here.

Facts about Archaeologists 8: Howard Carter

One of the famous archeologists in the world is Howards Carter. He was born on 9 May 1874 and passed away on 2 March 1939 at the age of 64 years old.



Facts about Archaeologists 9: the fame

Howard Carter stole the limelight after his discovery on 14th-century BC pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1922.

Facts about Archaeologists 10: the method and system

Howard Carter used the modern systems and methods during the excavation process.

Facts about Archaeologists

Facts about Archaeologists

Are you impressed with facts about archeologist?

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