10 Facts about Archaeopteryx

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If you are interested to know the bird like dinosaur, you have to look at Facts about Archaeopteryx. Archaeopteryx is the fossil found by the paleontologists. Due to the discovery of the fossil of Archaeopteryx, the people can learn about their lifestyle, size, metabolism and appearance.  You can check out the following post below to know more about Archaeopteryx:

Facts about Archaeopteryx 1: the real size

If you think that Archaeopteryx is very big, you are wrong. This animal is not really big.  If you measure it from head to tail, it is only 20 inches.

Facts about Archaeopteryx 2: the weight

What about the weight of Archaeopteryx? The largest Archaeopteryx will not weight more than 2 pounds. You can compare the size of the weight with the modern day pigeon.  Compared to pterosaur, it is smaller.

Archaeopteryx Facts

Archaeopteryx Facts

Facts about Archaeopteryx 3: the feather

The feather of Archaeopteryx was discovered in 1860 in Germany. In 1861, the headless fossil of Archaeopteryx was excavated. In 1863, the bird like dinosaur was named by Richard Owen. He was a famous paleontologist. Find out facts about Apatosaurus here.

Facts about Archaeopteryx 4: the place of living

Archaeopteryx is believed to live around 150 million years ago in Southern Germany. During the era, Europe had a tropical climate and was very close with the equator.

Archaeopteryx Fossil

Archaeopteryx Fossil

Facts about Archaeopteryx 5: the first true birds

Many people believe that the first true bird with a beak and feathers in the past time was represented by Archaeopteryx. But this bird had the characteristics of dinosaur due to the sharp teeth and claws located on each wing.

Facts about Archaeopteryx 6: the flight

The Archaeopteryx probably lived in trees because the feathers that they had were not suitable for flight. To reach the short distance, it would glide. Get facts about Ankylosaurus here.

Archaeopteryx Pictures

Archaeopteryx Pictures

Facts about Archaeopteryx 7: since the discovery of the first Archaeopteryx

There are many other limestone beds discovered in Germany after the first unearthing of Archaeopteryx.  They also discovered prehistoric fish and flying reptiles.

Facts about Archaeopteryx 8: the intelligent animal

Archaeopteryx is a very intelligent animal. Even though the body is very small, it has a very big brain. The muscle coordination of this bird is great. It also has average hearing skill.



Facts about Archaeopteryx 9: the full size

Archaeopteryx would grow the body into a full size shape after 3 years. They were sluggish and slow moving even though Archaeopteryx was included as a warm blooded animal.

Facts about Archaeopteryx 10: food

There were some foods that Archaeopteryx ate such as lizards, frogs, mites and bugs.

Facts about Archaeopteryx

Facts about Archaeopteryx

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