10 Facts about Archery

Thursday, March 19th 2015. | Sports

If you are interested to know more about one of the famous sports in the world, check Facts about Archery. In Bhutan, archery is called as the national sport. But you can find that France has competed more often in the field of archery during the Olympic Games. In the past, archery was not a type of sport. It was used as a skill to attack and kill the enemies. Let’s find out more facts about archery by reading the following post below:

Facts about Archery 1: the longbowmen

The English people were famous with their longbowmen.  During the medieval era, do you know that more than 10,000 English forces were longbowmen? It occupied a half of the English army.

Facts about Archery 2: the summer Olympics

During the summer Olympics, archery was introduced in this international event in 1900, 1904, 1908 and 1920. Since 1972, the archery has been included every time the summer Olympic conducted. Get facts about ancient Greek Olympics here.

Archery Sport

Archery Sport

Facts about Archery 3: South Korea

Are you a South Korean? You must be proud to find out that the country has won more gold medals in the archery field in Olympic Games.

Facts about Archery 4: the origin

Let’s find out the origin of archery? The archery has been conducted since the Paleolithic period. In the past, it was only a simple game using the arrows and a bow.

Facts about Archery

Facts about Archery

Facts about Archery 5: being a archer

It is not easy to become a good archer. You can to develop and learn the skill. You need to practice to use bows and arrows to shoot the right target.  In this modern day, you should master the modern devices for the archery.

Facts about Archery 6: recurve bows

Have you seen the recurve bows?  If you check out their image, you must be impressed with the chic and high technology features. The design of recurve bows is inspired from the archery design used by the people 3500 years ago.

Archery Target

Archery Target

Facts about Archery 7: Roger Ascham

Roger Ascham was the writer of the first book about archery sport in 1545. The title of the book is Toxophilus. The title of the book means lover of bow.

Facts about Archery 8: the warfare activities

As I have stated before, archery was not used for sport in the past. It was used for the warfare activities. The first people who used the first arrows and bows were the Babylonia in 2340 BC.



Facts about Archery 9: Lottie Dod

Lottie Dod is one of the famous female archers. She was the winner for five times in 1887 till 1893 at Wimbledon’s female singles.

Facts about Archery 10: Geena Davis

In 1999, Geena Davis was located in 24th position in US archery championship for women.

Archery Pic

Archery Pic

Do you have other facts about Archery?

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