10 Facts about Archimedes

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Facts about Archimedes present the information about the famous scientist in the world. He was born in 287 BC in Syracruse. It was a Greek city state located in Sicily Island. To increase the education, he was gone to Alexandria, Egypt. He was very interested in various subjects such as science, mathematics, poetry, music, military tactics, astronomy and politics. Find out more facts about Archimedes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Archimedes 1: the tutors

There were two important tutors in the life of Archimedes. Both guided him to become a great scholar. Those were Eratosthenes of Cyrene and Conon of Samos.

Facts about Archimedes 2: eureka

Eureka was the famous word coined by Archimedes. He discovered this word when he expressed his great happiness on a new successful discovery.  One of his successes was when he mixed silver with gold crown for King Hiero II.

Archimedes Image

Archimedes Image

Facts about Archimedes 3: the irrigation in Egypt

Archimedes made an important breakthrough for the irrigation system in Egypt after he discovered Archimedes Screw. Get facts about Egypt civilization here.

Facts about Archimedes 4: the Ship Shaker

The Ship Shaker is also famous under the name the Claw of Archimedes. It was used to defend Syracuse since it was his home city.

Archimedes Pic

Archimedes Pic

Facts about Archimedes 5: pi

Can you guess the person who could determine the exact value of pi? He is Archimedes. He contributed a lot in the field of mathematics due to his exact value of pi. Find out another mathematician in Andrew Wiles facts.

Facts about Archimedes 6: military

Archimedes had impressive skill in military tactics and system. He created strategies during the ancient war. He also developed the techniques in the military.

Archimedes Statue

Archimedes Statue

Facts about Archimedes 7: death

A Roman soldier killed Archimedes in 212 BC due to the siege in Syracuse.

Facts about Archimedes 8: father

The father of Archimedes was an astronomer. During his life, he always lived in Sicily, but he had to go away to Alexandria to pursue higher education.   When he was there, he met the famous scientists and scholars such as Eratosthenes, Aristarchus and Euclid.



Facts about Archimedes 9: machines

It is believed that Archimedes had invented different kinds of machines to defend his city state from the Romans. The screw pump that he invented was used to lift water from one area to others.

Facts about Archimedes 10: the interest

Archimedes was a very curios person. He always interested to know on how everything worked. Therefore, he made a lot of inventions.

Facts about Archimedes

Facts about Archimedes

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