10 Facts about Arcimboldo

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If you want to know the Italian painter who loved to use imaginative portrait of heads on his painting, you can check Facts about Arcimboldo.  He often made the head in books, fish, flowers, fruits or even vegetables. You can find out his early life, works and personal life by looking at the following post below:

Facts about Arcimboldo 1: the father of Arcimboldo

Biago Arcimboldo is the father of Giuseppe. He worked as an artist from Milan.   The young Arcimboldo decided to follow the footstep of his father by beginning his career as a designer of frescoes and stained glass. He did it when he was 21 years old at the local cathedrals.

Facts about Arcimboldo 2: court portraitist

Arcimboldo became the court portraitist in 1562 for Ferdinand I in Vienna at Habsburg Court.  The he moved to Prague to work as a court portraitist to Maximilian and Rudolf II, his son.  He also had other jobs as a costume designer and a court decorator.

Arcimboldo Books

Arcimboldo Books

Facts about Arcimboldo 3: “The Four Seasons”

“The Four Seasons” is the famous work of Arcimboldo.  In 1570 and 1573, Elector of Saxony, Augustus saw the work of “The Four Seasons” by Arcimboldo. He was very impressed and asked a copy of this work but Arcimboldo should incorporate it with the monarchic symbols of his.

Facts about Arcimboldo 4: the human heads in imaginative ways

He had a unique painting style of human heads. He replaced the head with imaginative objects such as the tree roots, sea creatures, plants, vegetables and fruits.

Arcimboldo Facts

Arcimboldo Facts

Facts about Arcimboldo 5: the normal human portrait

If you check out his painting at distance, you can see the normal human portraits. But actually you can find the different anatomical shapes of a human if you scrutinize the objects.

Facts about Arcimboldo 6: the everyday objects

He often incorporated the everyday objects to create paintings.   The beard of the portrait was made from the animal’s tail. It served as the duster. Get facts about Angie Lewin here.

Archie Roach Photo

Archie Roach Photo

Facts about Arcimboldo 7: the rich people

His works of art were also used to criticize the wealthy people at that time. He hated their behavior. For example, he criticized the rich people who collected books but never read them.

Facts about Arcimboldo 8: death

After leaving his work in Prague, he went to Milan and passed away there.



Facts about Arcimboldo 9: Rudolph II

He created the portrait of Rudolph II during the last days of his career. Find out another artist in Andy Warhol facts.

Facts about Arcimboldo 10: the works of Arcimboldo now

If you want to know the works of Arcimboldo, you can go to Louvre in Paris, Habsburg Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck and Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Facts about Arcimboldo

Facts about Arcimboldo

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