10 Facts about Arctic Fox

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Facts about Arctic Fox tell you about one of the unique animals in the world which can live well in the cold area. The body of arctic fox is unique for they are designed to adapt in the cold environment. The heat can be conserved since the legs, ears, and muzzles are short. The surface area which is exposed to the cold air is limited due to the compact and round shaped body of this fox. Here are other facts about arctic fox for you:

Facts about Arctic Fox 1: the walking style

The arctic fox is able to work on the ice and snow because you can find thick fur on the paws.  The temperature of this animal is very consistent due to the thick fur on the body.

Facts about Arctic Fox 2: food

Let’s find out the food eaten by the arctic food.  The fox will eat what is found on the frozen tundra.  There is no need to wonder that they will eat the leftover food by the polar bears or other predators in the area.

Arctic Fox Cute

Arctic Fox Cute

Facts about Arctic Fox 3: the population

Do you know that the population of arctic fox has been decreased from time to time? The population is around 100,000 individuals.

Facts about Arctic Fox 4: the color

Can you guess the color of arctic fox?  Actually this animal is able to change the color of the fur based on the season. If they are in the summer season, the fur becomes brown.  The fur is white if the winter season comes.

Arctic Fox Facts

Arctic Fox Facts

Facts about Arctic Fox 5: the range

Arctic foxes can be found in the Arctic tundra. You can find them in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Russia, Canada, Scandinavia and Norway.

Facts about Arctic Fox 6: the arctic tundra

If you think that living in arctic tundra is very easy, you are wrong. This area has very limited vegetation. It is a rocky and barren area. However, it is easy for the arctic foxes to live in arctic tundra since the body can adapt the environment well. Find out facts about arctic here.

Arctic Fox Images

Arctic Fox Images

Facts about Arctic Fox 7: the hunting ability

Arctic foxes have great skill and body to hunt for food. The front facing ears give them amazing hearing skill. There is no need to wonder that arctic foxes can determine the exact location of the prey even though they are hiding under the snow. They break the snow and grab the prey. Get facts about arctic hare here.

Facts about Arctic Fox 8: the mating season

The mating season of arctic foxes is from September to May.

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Facts about Arctic Fox 9: the baby

Each arctic fox will deliver 5 to 9 pups per liter.

Facts about Arctic Fox 10: the baby

The baby will be raised by the male and female arctic foxes. They mate forever.

Facts about Arctic Fox

Facts about Arctic Fox

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