10 Facts about Arctic Hares

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Facts about Arctic Hares inform you with the polar rabbit.  It has the scientific name of Lepus arcticus.  You can find them living well in mountainous and polar habitats. To keep the body warm, they will dig the holes under the ground. They will sleep here. The fur is so thick to maintain the warm temperature. Let’s find out more facts about arctic hare below:

Facts about Arctic Hares 1: comparison with the rabbit

The arctic hare is always compared with rabbit. Even though the appearance of hare reminds you with the rabbit, it has the taller posture and shorter ears. The main difference is seen on the adaptation of arctic hare. They can live well in the cold environment.

Facts about Arctic Hares 2: traveling

The Arctic hares can travel with dozens of other hares or even more. In many cases, you will never find them alone.

Arctic Hare Pictures

Arctic Hare Pictures

Facts about Arctic Hares 3: the speed

Can you guess the speed of arctic hares when they run? The speed can reach 40 miles per hour or 60 km per hour.

Facts about Arctic Hares 4: the Arctic wolves

The main predator of arctic hares is the arctic wolves. The adult hares can be caught by the young arctic wolves easily. Find out arctic wolves facts here.

Arctic Hares

Arctic Hares

Facts about Arctic Hares 5: the predators

There are many other predators which hunt arctic hares. Those are humans, red fox, arctic fox, Canada lynx, gray wolf, rough legged hawk, snowy owl, gyrfalcon and ermine.

Facts about Arctic Hares 6: Gyrfalcon

When Gyrfalcon gets the arctic hare, they will bring them to the nest. Then the body of the hare will be cut in half. The bones and feet of the hare will be used by the gyrfalcons to build the nest on Ellesmere Island.

Facts about Arctic Hares

Facts about Arctic Hares

Facts about Arctic Hares 7: parasites

There are several types of parasites which use the body of arctic hares as their host. Those are the lice, nematodes, fleas, and protozoan.

Facts about Arctic Hares 8: the range

You can find arctic hares living in Canadian Arctic Island and Greenland. You can also spot them in Labrador and Newfoundland.

Arctic Fox Cute

Arctic Fox Cute

Facts about Arctic Hares 9: how to find them

If you visit the arctic and want to spot them, you need to go to the elevation at 0 sea level to 90 meter above the sea level.

Facts about Arctic Hares 10: the color

The color of fur of arctic can be changed based on the season. In the winter season, it comes in white color. In the summer, you can find them in grey or brown color.

Arctic Hare Pic

Arctic Hare Pic

Are you impressed with facts about arctic hares?

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