10 Facts about Arctic Ocean

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One of the important parts of the arctic is explained in Facts about Arctic Ocean. The location of Arctic Ocean is on the Arctic North Polar Region or on the northern hemisphere. There are five major oceans in the world. Arctic Ocean is the shallowest and smallest one in the world. If you want to know more about this ocean, check out the following post below:

Facts about Arctic Ocean 1: Mediterranean Sea or Arctic Ocean

There are some oceanographers who think that it is an estuary of Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, they call it Arctic Mediterranean Sea.  On the other hand, it is called as ocean by IHO or International Hydrographic Organization.

Facts about Arctic Ocean 2: the low temperature

The temperature of Arctic Ocean is very low. There is no need to wonder that the area is covered by ice sheets.

Arctic Ocean Facts

Arctic Ocean Facts

Facts about Arctic Ocean 3: the surrounding area

Let’s find out the surrounding areas of Arctic Ocean. You can find North America and Eurasia.  This ocean is always associated with brutal and horrible adventure due to the extreme condition.

Facts about Arctic Ocean 4: the total area

Can you guess the total area of Arctic Ocean? It spans on the area of 14.056 million square. During the winter season, you can find a lot of ice caps and sheets. During the summer season, you can see the open seas surrounding the ice caps.

Arctic Ocean Image

Arctic Ocean Image

Facts about Arctic Ocean 5: the bodies of water

The bodies of water included in Arctic Ocean are East Siberian Sea, Hudson Strait, Barents Sea, Baffin Bay, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, Hudson Bay, Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, Northwest Passage and Greenland Sea.

Facts about Arctic Ocean 6: the ports

There are several famous ports located in Arctic Ocean. The ports are located in Murmansk, Russia, Churchill, Canada and Prudhoe Bay, United States. Get facts about arctic here.

Facts about Arctic Ocean

Facts about Arctic Ocean

Facts about Arctic Ocean 7: the ice

You can find three different ices in Arctic Ocean. Those are the fast ice, polar ice and pack ice.

Facts about Arctic Ocean 8: Fram Basin

Fram Basin is the deepest spot in Arctic Ocean. The location of this basin is 15,300 feet below the ice.  The temperature in Arctic Ocean is around -20 to -70 degree Celsius.

Facts Arctic Ocean

Facts Arctic Ocean

Facts about Arctic Ocean 9: polar bears

The only place where the polar bear can live is in the arctic. You can also sport the arctic foxes, arctic hare and seals here.

Facts about Arctic Ocean 10: the nautical crossing

In 1896, the first person who made a nautical crossing in the ocean was Fridtjof Nansen.

Arctic Fox Cute

Arctic Fox Cute

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