10 Facts about Area 51

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Facts about Area 51 talk about the Air force facility in United States.  The area is a remote detachment inside the Nevada Test and Training Range. Many people always called it Area 51 even though it is not the actual and formal name for the area. The correct name for Area 51 is Homey Airport (ICAO: KXTA) and Groom Lake according to CIA.  This facility is also called Paradise Ranch and Dreamland. The name Area 51 is seen in a CIA document in Vietnam War. Here are other facts about Area 51 for you:

Facts about Area 51 1: the purpose

Let’s find out the purpose of this facility. Until this present day, the primary purpose of this base is still unknown in public.  However, some people assume that the base is used to test experiment weapon system and aircrafts.

Facts about Area 51 2: the conspiracy theories

Area 51 is always linked with conspiracy theories.  Many people believe that this base is the place used to save the UFO or unidentified flying object due to the high secrecy in the place.

Area 51 Existence

Area 51 Existence

Facts about Area 51 3: the Top Secret

Do you know that all researches in Area 51 are all included in TS/SCI or Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information. However, Area 51 has never been declared as a secret base in United States.

Facts about Area 51 4:the documents by CIA

CIA finally published the documents which stated the purpose and history of Area 51 for the first time in July 2013 after FOIA filed for it in 2005.

Area 51 Facts

Area 51 Facts

Facts about Area 51 5: the location

Let’s find out the location of Area 51? It is situated in the southern part of Nevada in western US. It is 134 kilometer of 83 miles north-northwestern of Las Vegas.

Facts about Area 51 6: United States Air Force

In 1955, United States Air Force acquired this site. The main purpose was as a site to test the Lockheed U-2 aircraft.

Facts about Area 51

Facts about Area 51

Facts about Area 51 7: the popular tourist destination

There is a popular tourist destination located around Area 51.  The area is called “Extraterrestrial Highway”.

Facts about Area 51 8: the conspiracy theories and UFO

Area 51 is always associated with the unusual phenomena. The theories believe that Area 51 is used to examine, store, and reserve alien space crafts, manufacture the aircrafts based on the alien technology, study aliens.

Area 51 Image

Area 51 Image

Facts about Area 51 9: Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar is one of the people who claimed that he had worked in Area 51 in Sector Four in 1989.   His job was to work with alien spacecraft. Find out another army in Alvin C York facts.

Facts about Area 51 10: Bruce Burgess

Bruce Burgess was another worker in Area 51 who claimed that he had worked with J-Rod, an extraterrestrial being.

Area 51 Pic

Area 51 Pic

Are you impressed with facts about area 51?

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