10 Facts about Aretha Franklin

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Facts about Aretha Franklin give you the information about the Queen of Soul. She was born on 25 March 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee with the full name Aretha Louise Franklin. Her father was a minister and gospel singer in Clarence La Vaughn. Her mother was Barbara Franklin who worked as a gospel singer. Let’s find out more facts about her personal life and career by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aretha Franklin 1: marriage

On 11 April 1978 till 1984, she married to Glynn Turman. In 1961 till 1969, she married to Ted White. She has several children. Those are Kecalf Cunningham, Theodore, Edward and Clarence.

Facts about Aretha Franklin 2: education

In 1998, Aretha Franklin studied classical piano at Julliard School of Music. She has a wonderful voice. Do you know that the vocal range of Aretha Franklin is four octaves?

Aretha Franklin Beauty

Aretha Franklin Beauty

Facts about Aretha Franklin 3: a pianist

Aretha did not know anything about music.  She could learn piano without having a course. She was a self taught pianist. Get facts about Alicia Keys here.

Facts about Aretha Franklin 4: a private person

Aretha Franklin does not like talking about her private life. She never talks about her romantic relationship, death of her father or even marriage life.

Aretha Franklin Singer

Aretha Franklin Singer

Facts about Aretha Franklin 5: the death of her father

In 1979, the burglars shot her father. It made him in coma. In 1984, his father passed away.

Facts about Aretha Franklin 6: the rumor about her mother

There was a rumor about her mother which said that her mother abandoned her children. Aretha said that it was an absolute lie. When her father and mother divorced, the children lived with the father. But they always spent time in the summer season with her mother. But her mother passed away in 1952.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

Facts about Aretha Franklin 7: fear of flying

Aretha Franklin developed a fear of flying after she had in flight turbulence incident in 1982.

Facts about Aretha Franklin 8: inauguration

She had performed in the inauguration of the three presidents of United States. Those are Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Aretha Franklin Young

Aretha Franklin Young

Facts about Aretha Franklin 9: Grammy Awards

Aretha Franklin was nominated 44 times for Grammy Awards. She won Grammy awards 18 times. She won it mostly for Best R&B Vocal Performance.

Facts about Aretha Franklin 10: honorary doctors

She was awarded two honorary doctorates for music even though she was a high school dropout. Find out a male singer in Akon facts.

Facts about Aretha Franklin

Facts about Aretha Franklin

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