10 Facts about Argentina

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Let tell you one of the interesting countries in the world in Facts about Argentina. The official name of this country is Argentine Republic. The location is in southeastern South America. The Southern Cone of Argentine is shared with Chile. To the northeast, it is bordered by Brazil.  In the north, you can see Paraguay and Bolivia. Chile is in the west, while South Atlantic Ocean and Uruguay are in the east. Here are some interesting facts about Argentina for you:

Facts about Argentina 1: the mainland area

Can you determine the main area of Argentina? It spans on 1,073,500 square miles or 2,780,400 kilometer square. Based on the land area, it is placed in the 8th largest country in the world. In Latin America, it takes the second position.

Facts about Argentina 2: the claims

There are several islands claimed by Argentina to be parts of the country.  They are Falkland Islands and South Sandwich Islands.

Argentina Facts

Argentina Facts

Facts about Argentina 3: the founding member

Not many people realize that Argentina is the founding member of some international organizations such as CELAC, Mercosur, WBG, United Nations, OEI and UNASUR.

Facts about Argentina 4: the human development index

The human development index of Argentina is in high rating. Therefore, it has a middle emerging economy.

Argentina Tours

Argentina Tours

Facts about Argentina 5: the name

Let’s find out the meaning of Argentina. It was taken from the Latin word of argentum. It means silver. This word is always connected with the silver mountain legend. The early Europeans explorers of La Plata Basin were familiar with the legend. Get facts about Albania here.

Facts about Argentina 6: the climate

The climate of Argentina is various depending on the land area. In the continental south, it has sub polar climate. The north area is in tropical climate.

Argentina Picture

Argentina Picture

Facts about Argentina 7: the government

There are three branches of the government.  They are the legislative, executive and judicial. Find another facts about Antigua and Barbuda here.

Facts about Argentina 8: the manufacturing process

More than 20.3 percent of the GDP was taken from the manufacturing of the largest goods based on the report in 2012.

Argentina Pic

Argentina Pic

Facts about Argentina 9: other sectors

Other important sectors in Argentina include the beverage, food processing, motor vehicles, auto parts, leather, textiles, and tobacco products.

Facts about Argentina 10: the industrial

One of the industrial centers in Argentina is Cordoba.  There are many manufacturers of auto parts, motto vehicles and metalworking here.

Facts about Argentina

Facts about Argentina

Are you fascinated with facts about Argentina?

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