10 Facts about Argon

Monday, March 23rd 2015. | Chemistry

Facts about Argon present the information about the third element in periodic table. The symbol is Ar. It is located in the third element of the 18th column. The atomic number is 18. Based on the classification, it is placed in noble glass. The atomic weight is 39.948. Here are some interesting facts about Argon for you:

Facts about Argon 1: Melting Point

Let’s find out the melting point and boiling point of argon. It comes in -308.83°F for the melting point. The boiling point is -302.53°F. The density is 1.784 g/L. The element has 18 protons and 18 electrons. You can find 8 electrons located on the outer shell.

Facts about Argon 2: the standard condition

In the standard condition, argon is the colorless and odorless gas. This element will not react because argon is included as inert gas.

Argon 18

Argon 18

Facts about Argon 3: violet color

Argon comes in violet color when it is thrilled using the high voltage electricity.

Facts about Argon 4: one neutral compound

There is one neutral compound of argon. It can react with hydrogen and fluorine. The compound is called HArF or argon fluorohydride.  When it is kept at a very cool temperature, the compound will be stable.

Argon color

Argon color

Facts about Argon 5: the earth atmosphere

One of the most abundant noble gasses in the atmosphere in our planet is argon. It takes the third position as the most abundant gas after nitrogen and oxygen. It occupies 0.94 percent of the air volume in the world.

Facts about Argon 6: where to find argon

You can find argon easily on the ocean water and earth crust. Argon is the byproduct of oxygen and nitrogen in the form of liquid air.

Facts about Argon

Facts about Argon

Facts about Argon 7: the application of argon

Argon is very cheap and abundant in the world. It is mainly used to fill the incandescent lighting. When the lamp is in high temperature, argon will never react with the filament. Therefore, it is very safe to use. Moreover, it can keep the glass of the bulb shining and keep the filament durable. Find out a metal in Aluminum facts.

Facts about Argon 8: other uses

There are many other uses of argon. It can be used for thermal insulation in windows, preserving the wine, medical instruments, in microelectronics and welding.

Argon Facts

Argon Facts

Facts about Argon 9: who discovered it?

The argon was discovered by English scientist Lord Rayleigh and Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay in 1894. Find another element in antimony facts.

Facts about Argon 10: the name

The name argon was taken from Greek word, Argos. The meaning is inactive and lazy.



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