10 Facts about Aristocracy

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Facts about Aristocracy talk about the form of government. This government was used in the past time.  The power of this government is in the hand of the ruling class which has privileges.  The word aristocracy is taken from the Greek word, aristokratia. The meaning is rule of the best.  Here are other facts about aristocracy for you:

Facts about Aristocracy 1: monarchy and aristocracy differences

Let’s find out the differences between aristocracy and monarchy. Monarchy is ruled by a single individual. On the other hand, the aristocracy is ruled by the best qualified citizens. They would make decision for the government.

Facts about Aristocracy 2: democracy

Democracy and aristocracy are different.  The latter is characterized by the rule of the aristocratic class. The privileged group would lead the government. Democracy is the government made by the citizens for the citizens regardless their class. Check ancient Greek democracy facts here.

Facts about Aristocracy

Facts about Aristocracy

Facts about Aristocracy 3: the Greeks

The concept of monarchy was not well accepted in ancient Greece because the government was ruled by a single individual. When the democracy in the ancient Greece fell, people began to seek another form of government. They chose aristocracy. Find out ancient Greek government facts here.

Facts about Aristocracy 4: the ancient Rome

In the ancient Rome, aristocracy was also upheld. The privileged citizens were gathered in a senate, consuls and a tribal assembly.



Facts about Aristocracy 5: how to determine the privileged class

The privileged class was determined by the wealth or even birth during the early modern ear and the middle ages. Therefore, it raised the influential aristocratic class.

Facts about Aristocracy 6: the depiction of aristocracy in modern world

The modern people depict aristocracy as the plutocracy since only the rich persons who could obtain great power in the government. The modern people never view aristocracy as a legitimate aristocracy which is ruled by the best.

Aristocracy Pic

Aristocracy Pic

Facts about Aristocracy 7: Aristocrat

Aristocrat is the term used to describe the people who have higher order in the society. They are considered as the respectable people who have the highest rank in the social class.

Facts about Aristocracy 8: who are they?

Most of them come from the family with specific tiles or even hereditary rank. In the ancient time such as in India, Rome and Greece, they got it from the military caste.

Aristocracy Image

Aristocracy Image

Facts about Aristocracy 9: French Revolution

The aristocrats were attacked during the French revolution. They got the high status due to the wealth in the family.

Facts about Aristocracy 10: the European countries

The European countries in Denmark and Spain still recognize the aristocrats with their hereditary titles.

Aristocracy Facts

Aristocracy Facts

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