10 Facts about Aristophanes

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Facts about Aristophanes tell you about the comic playwright who lived in ancient Athens. He was born circa 446 and passed away circa 386 BC. There are 30 plays of his that survive until today, but only 11 often are in complete version. He was called as the Prince of Ancient Comedy or the Father of Comedy. Here are some interesting facts about Aristophanes for you:

Facts about Aristophanes 1: the life of ancient Athens

The life of Ancient Athens presented in his drama was much lifer compared to other authors.

Facts about Aristophanes 2: Plato

Plato was an influential contemporary who acknowledged Aristophanes’ ability to ridicule.

Facts about Aristophanes

Facts about Aristophanes

Facts about Aristophanes 3: The Babylonians

The Babylonians is the second play of Aristophanes. Unfortunately, it lost. The play was about a slander against the Athenian polis.

Facts about Aristophanes 4: who was Aristophanes?

People have difficulty to find out the background or early life of Aristophanes?  They can only derive the life of Aristophanes from the plays that he creates. It was very common for the Chorus to speak on the behalf of the author. Therefore, we could know about Aristophanes.

Aristophanes Story

Aristophanes Story

Facts about Aristophanes 5: a comic poet

Aristophanes is considered as a comic poet.  He was the trainer for the Chorus during the rehearsal. He also got the role of a teacher or didaskalos.  The relationship of Aristophanes with the spectators was as the commentator. Find out ancient Greek theater facts here.

Facts about Aristophanes 6: the characters of his plays

Let’s find out the characters of Aristophanes’ play.  He always challenged the opposition of the racial thought in Athens.  There were several leading figures that he used in his artistic caricatures such as Socrates, Cleon and Euripides.

Aristophanes Quote

Aristophanes Quote

Facts about Aristophanes 7: Parabasis

When the actors had left or were leaving the stage, the audiences would be addressed by the parabasis. It can be conducted by the leader of the chorus or all members of the chorus. Get facts about ancient Greek drama here.

Facts about Aristophanes 8: the occurrence of the parabasis

The occurrence of the parabasis is usually in the middle of the play. But sometimes it is also occurred before the end of the play.

Aristophanes Pic

Aristophanes Pic

Facts about Aristophanes 9: Percy Shelley

Percy Shelley was a romantic poet who created Swellfoot the Tyrant. He imitated the play, The Frogs by Aristophanes.

Facts about Aristophanes 10: H N Turteltaub

H N Turteltaub created Hellenic Traders series of novels in which the character Menedemos mentioned Aristophanes several times.

Aristophanes Life Span

Aristophanes Life Span

What do you think on facts about Aristophanes?

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