10 Facts about Arizona

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The state located in southwestern region of United States is explained in Facts about Arizona. Arizona is included in Mountain West states and western United States. This state is located in the 15th most populous state in US. Based on the area, it takes the sixth position of the largest states in US. Let’s find out more facts about Arizona by reading the following post below:

Facts about Arizona 1: the border

Arizona is bordered by Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. It is included as one of Four Corners states. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It also becomes the largest city here.

Facts about Arizona 2: the statehood

Arizona got the title of the statehood in United States on 14 February 1912. It became the 48th state in United States.

Arizona Facts

Arizona Facts

Facts about Arizona 3: the history

Before Arizona becomes an independent state, it was a part of Alta California in New Spain. Then it was a part of Mexico before it is included in United States after the war between America and Mexico.

Facts about Arizona 4: climate

Can you tell me the climate in Arizona? The southern half of the Arizona has desert climate.  It enables the inhabitants to feel the mild winter and hot summer season. The other areas in Arizona such as the deep canyons, San Francisco Mountains, and Colorado Plateau have the winter snowfalls and moderate summer.

Arizona Pic

Arizona Pic

Facts about Arizona 5: the ski resort

Even though Arizona is always associated with hot land, you can find several ski resorts here. You can go to Tucson, Alpine and Flagstaff. Get facts about Alabama here.

Facts about Arizona 6: the attractions

There are many attractions that you can find in Arizona. It is a home to several national parks, national forests, and national monuments. One of the famous parks is Grand Canyon national park. Have you visited the park?

Arizona State

Arizona State

Facts about Arizona 7: the Native American tribes

The Native American tribes live in Arizona. There is no need to wonder that the Indian Reservation occupies one-quarter of the Arizona’s area.

Facts about Arizona 8: Phoenix Art Museum

If you want to enjoy an educational place, you can go to Phoenix Art Museum. You can find out a lot of collections of visual art here. The art and fashion design reflecting the work of the western American, European, Asian, American, modern, Latin American and contemporary style.

Facts about Arizona

Facts about Arizona

Facts about Arizona 9: the movies

There are several movies shot in Arizona such as The Banger Sisters, Waiting to Exhale, The Scorpion King, Just One of the Guys, and Can’t Buy Me Love. Another US state is explained in Alaska facts.

Facts about Arizona 10: Psycho

Psycho was the classic movie by Alfred Hitchcock. Some of the scenes were shot in Phoenix.



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