10 Facts about Arkansas

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Facts about Arkansas give the interesting information about the state located in Southern region of US. Arkansas is famous as the Natural State in US due to the numerous options for the outdoor attractions in the state. The name of the state was taken from Siouan. It symbolizes the Quapaw Indians. Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It becomes the main center for government, culture, business and transportation. Moreover, Arkansas also takes the record of the 32nd most populous city and 29th largest state based on square miles area in US. Get more facts about Arkansas below:

Facts about Arkansas 1: other important areas in Arkansas

There are other areas in Arkansas used as the economic and educational center. They are Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers Metropolitan Area and Fort Smith metropolitan area. They are located in the northwestern of Arizona. Jonesboro is the largest city in the eastern part of the Arizona.

Facts about Arkansas 2: the Union

Arkansas joined the Union on 15 June 1836 as the 25th state. During the American civil war, the territory of Arkansas joined the confederate states.

Facts about Arkansas

Facts about Arkansas

Facts about Arkansas 3: the downfall

After it returned to the union, the economic and social life was down in Arkansas because the people relied so much on the plantation and slavery. Check American slavery facts here.

Facts about Arkansas 4: the economy today

In the past, the people relied their life on the plantation. Today, they relay the economy on the tourism, poultry, aircraft, service industry, steel industry, and rice and cotton production.

Arkansas Facts

Arkansas Facts

Facts about Arkansas 5: the culture of Arkansas

If you are interested to learn the culture of Arkansas, you can check it via the athletic venues, restaurants, television shows, novels, theaters and museums.

Facts about Arkansas 6: the capital city

As I have stated before, Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It was appointed as the capital in 1821. In the past, the capital for Territory of Arkansas was the Arkansas Post.

Arkansas Map

Arkansas Map

Facts about Arkansas 7: during the civil war

During the civil war, the state capitol was moved to Hot Springs. Then it was moved to Washington. It is due to the fact that the city was threatened by the Union armies in 1861. When the war ended, the state capital was returned to Little Rock. Get facts about American civil war here.

Facts about Arkansas 8: the most populous area

The most populous area in Arkansas is Little Rock–North Little Rock–Conway metropolitan area. The report in 2013 states that it was inhabited by 724,385 people.

Arkansas Scene

Arkansas Scene

Facts about Arkansas 9: the second largest metropolitan area

Can you guess the second largest metropolitan area? It is The Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers Metropolitan Area.

Facts about Arkansas 10: other important cities

Other important cities in Arkansas include North Little Rock, Conway, Texarkana, Sherwood, Hot Springs, Bentonville, Pine Bluff, Blytheville, Harrison and Rogers.

Arkansas Map Pic

Arkansas Map Pic

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