10 Facts about Armadillos

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Facts about Armadillos talk about one of the interesting animals. This animal is unique since it has a leathery armor shell. They are considered as the New World placental mammals. The name of the animal is derived from the Spanish word. It means little armored one. Most armadillos are differentiated based on the number of the bands on the armor. Find out more facts about armadillos by reading the following post below:

Facts about Armadillos 1: the length

Let’s find out the length of armadillos.  It is around 30 inches or 75 cm. It includes the length of the tail. If you find the giant one, the length can reach 59 inches or 150 cm. The weight of armadillo can reach 119 lb or 54 kilogram.

Facts about Armadillos 2: the diminutive species

The diminutive species is the pink fairy armadillo.  The length is only 5 to 6 inches or 13 to 15 cm.



Facts about Armadillos 3: the native animals

All species of armadillos are native to America. You can find them living in different kinds of environment.

Facts about Armadillos 4: endangered species

Armadillo is included as an endangered species in the world.  The Yepes’s mulita are very limited in the world.  In America, you find four species of Dasypus.

Armadillos Facts

Armadillos Facts

Facts about Armadillos 5: the Central America

If you want to know the species of Armadillo living in Central America, you can spot the nine banded armadillo and naked tailed armadillo.

Facts about Armadillos 6: the digger

Armadillo is also famous as a digger. It will dig make dens or even dig for food.

Facts about Armadillos

Facts about Armadillos

Facts about Armadillos 7: the nine banded armadillo

The burrows of the nine banded armadillo are often located in moist soils. There is no need to wonder that you can find them in the burrows near the arroyos, streams and creeks. Get facts about antlion here.

Facts about Armadillos 8: food

There are several foods that armadillo like to eat. Those include small invertebrates, grubs and insects.



Facts about Armadillos 9: the body temperature

The body temperature of armadillo is very low. It is around 33 to 36 degree Celsius. Get facts about Antarctica penguins here.

Facts about Armadillos 10: the armor

You can find the armor located at the top of the armadillo’s body. The underside of the armadillo is not covered with armors or plates of dermal bones. The main function of the armor is for protecting the body from the predators. The armadillo will roll the body into a ball.

Armadillos Image

Armadillos Image

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