10 Facts about Armagh

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Facts about Armagh tell you about the one of 6 counties in Ireland. The county spans on the area of 1,325 km square. It is inhabited by174,792 people. The nickname of this county is Orchard County.  It is due to the fact that the county has a lot of orchards. It is located inside the province of Ulster. Here are other facts about Armagh below:

Facts about Armagh 1: the word Armgah

The word Armgah is derived from the Irish words of Ard and Macha. The meaning of the word Ard is height. The word Macha means high place.

Facts about Armagh 2: the uninhabited islands

There are several unoccupied islands in the section of Lough Neagh in the county. Those include the Shallow Flat, Croaghan Flat, Coney Island Flat, Coney Island, Derrywarragh Island, Phil Roe’s Flat and Padian.

Armagh County

Armagh County

Facts about Armagh 3: the climate

Let’s find out the climate of Armagh. It has the oceanic climate even though the country is located at the east of Ireland. The oceanic climate is deeply affected by the Gulf Stream. Therefore, the country of Armgah has the wet summer and damp mild winters.

Facts about Armagh 4: the temperature

If you spend time in Armgah, you should never get surprised when you feel the overall temperature in the county drops significantly at freezing temperature.

Armagh Pic

Armagh Pic

Facts about Armagh 5: the summer season

The daylight can last for 18 hours.  You can feel the wet and mild summer season.   You can also enjoy the sunlight during the day. Check Aquitaine facts here.

Facts about Armagh 6: the major highways

The county is the home of two major highways. M1 links Belfast to Dungannon. If you want to reach Dublin from Belfast, you can access A1/N1. The county also has a lot of local roads.

Armagh Ireland

Armagh Ireland

Facts about Armagh 7: the NIFL Premiership

There are two teams in Armagh which participate in NIFL premiership. They are Glenavon F.C. and Portadown F.C.

Facts about Armagh 8: Frank Aiken

Frank Aiken was the Irish Minister for External Affairs. He was born in County Armagh and passed away in 1983.

Facts about Armagh

Facts about Armagh

Facts about Armagh 9: Tommy Makem

Tommy Makem was born in Armgah.  He was born in 1932 and passed away 2007. He was a singer writer, musician, and singer.

Facts about Armagh 10: place of interest

One of the interesting places in Armagh is Gosford Castle. It is a 19th medieval castle. It is beautiful. Get facts about Aragon Spain here.

Armagh Facts

Armagh Facts

Are you impressed with facts about Armagh?

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