10 Facts about Armenia

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Facts about Armenia tell you about the mountainous country located in the South Caucasus region in Eurasia. The official name of this country is Republic of Armenia. There are several countries which border Armenia.  To the northern, you can spot Georgia, while to the west, you can see Turkey. To the south, the Armenian people can see Azerbaijan, Iran and exclave of Nakhchivan. To the east, you can see Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan. Here are some interesting facts about Armenia for you:

Facts about Armenia 1: the ancient cultural heritage

Armenia is famous with their ancient cultural heritage. This country has the democratic system with multi parties. Armenia was established in 6th century.

Facts about Armenia 2: Tigranes the Great

Tigranes the Great was the important ruler in Armenia. His kingdom of Armenia reached its peak in the 1st century BC.

Armenia Image

Armenia Image

Facts about Armenia 3: the official religion

Can you guess the official religion of Armenia? It is Christianity. The country takes the record as the first state which adopts Christianity as the official religion in the world. Therefore, it becomes the first Christian nation.

Facts about Armenia 4: Cilician Armenia

Cilician Armenia is the Armenian principality.  Then it was recognized as a kingdom. It existed in 11th to 14th century on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. Check facts about Andorra here.

Armenia Scene

Armenia Scene

Facts about Armenia 5: the Western and Eastern Armenia

Armenia was divided into Eastern and Western Armenia between 16th and the beginning of 19th century. They were ruled by the Ottoman and Persian Empires. Do you know that both of were rivals?

Facts about Armenia 6: Armenia in 19th century

Russia could capture the eastern Armenia by the mid 19th century.  The ottoman still became the ruler for most parts of Western Armenia.

Facts about Armenia

Facts about Armenia

Facts about Armenia 7: Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide was systematically applied in the land occupied by the Ottoman Empire during the World War I. In 1918, Armenia finally got their independence after it was in the stateless condition for almost 600 years.

Facts about Armenia 8: the First Republic of Armenia

There were several hostile countries which surrounded the First Republic of Armenia. In 1920, the republic was Sovietized. Then it was included as a part of Soviet Union in 1922 and 1991.

Armenia Pic

Armenia Pic

Facts about Armenia 9: the modern Armenia

In 1991, the country became the modern republic of Armenia. Find out another country in facts about Argentina.

Facts about Armenia 10: Armenian Apostolic Church

Armenian Apostolic Church is recognized as the main religious establishment in Republic Armenia. It is called as the oldest national church in the world.

Armenia Facts

Armenia Facts

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