10 Facts about Armenian Genocide

Friday, March 27th 2015. | History

Facts about Armenian Genocide talk about the attempt of the young Turks to remove the Armenians from the Ottoman Empire. There were 2 million Armenians. Do you know that 1.5 million Armenians were assassinated by the Turks? The Armenians were starved, massacred and tortured during the Armenian genocide. Here are other facts about Armenian genocide.

Facts about Armenian Genocide 1: how did they killed the Armenians

Most Armenians were killed by making them hunger and thirst. The Turks sent and left them in the desert. Some of them were forced to move to Syria.

Facts about Armenian Genocide 2: when did it take place?

The Armenian genocide occurred in 1915 to 1918. But the brutality still took place in 1920 to 1923.

Armenian Genocide Facts

Armenian Genocide Facts

Facts about Armenian Genocide 3: the Armenian population

The population of the Armenians was rapidly declined by 1923. They completely removed from the historic west Armenia and Asian Minor.

Facts about Armenian Genocide 4: the beginning of Armenian genocide

The day to commemorate the Armenian genocide was on 24th April. It was considered as the date of the beginning of this horrible event. Find out facts about Armenia here.

Armenian Genocide Pic

Armenian Genocide Pic

Facts about Armenian Genocide 5: the assassination

The Armenian genocide started by collecting, deporting and killing 300 Armenian professionals, leaders, thinkers and writers in Constantinople. Moreover, there were 5,000 poor Armenians killed on the streets and homes.

Facts about Armenian Genocide 6: the Armenians in United States

Most Armenians that you meet in United States are the grandchildren and children of the survivors. Check facts about Armenians here.

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide

Facts about Armenian Genocide 7: another name

The Armenian Genocide is also called as the Armenian holocaust. The Armenian people often call it as Medz Yeghern. The meaning is Great Crime.

Facts about Armenian Genocide 8: the medical experiments during the holocaust

The medical experiment during the holocaust was introduced too since the Turkish doctors also participated in the Armenian genocide.

Facts about Armenian Genocide

Facts about Armenian Genocide

Facts about Armenian Genocide 9: the ways to kill the Armenians

The Armenians were not only killed by leaving them in hunger and thirst in the desert. They were killed by using drugs too. The morphine overdose, toxic gas, and typhoid inoculation were some examples on the ways to kill the Armenians.

Facts about Armenian Genocide 10: Toxic gas

The toxic gas was used to kill the children in two buildings during the Armenian genocide. That’s based on the report of public health services director of Trabzon. Both were Dr. Ziya Fuad and Dr. Adnan.

Armenian Genocide Picture

Armenian Genocide Picture

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