10 Facts about Armenians

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Let me show you Facts about Armenians in the following post below.  The Armenians are native to the Armenian highland. The main population of the Armenians can be seen mostly in the de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Armenia. If you are interested to know more about the Armenians, check the following post below:

Facts about Armenians 1: the Diaspora

Today you can find at least 5 million people who live outside the modern Armenia. They can be the partial or full Armenians. They can be found living in other countries due to a wide ranging Diaspora. Get facts about Armenia here.

Facts about Armenians 2: the largest Armenian population

The largest Armenian population is not located in Armenia, but in other countries such as Russia, US, France, Georgia, Lebanon, Iran and Syria.

Armenian Genocide Facts

Armenian Genocide Facts

Facts about Armenians 3: the cause of the Diaspora

The main cause of the Diaspora is because of the Armenian genocide. The Armenians were slaughtered and killed during the genocide by the Young Turks.  But this cause does not apply on the Armenians who live in former soviet states and Iran.

Facts about Armenians 4: the Armenian Apostolic Church

Armenian Apostolic Church is considered as the oldest national church in Armenia. Most Armenians follow this church. St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew were the two of Jesus’ apostles who brought Christianity to Armenia soon after the death of Jesus Christ.

Armenian Pic

Armenian Pic

Facts about Armenians 5: the state religion

Christianity was appointed as the state religion in Armenia by the Kingdom of Armenian in the beginning of 4th century.

Facts about Armenians 6: the language

The language of the Armenians is Armenian. It is an indo European language. There are two forms of written Armenian language. The western Armenian is used in the Armenian Diasporas communities. The eastern Armenian is used in Nagorno-Karabakh, former soviets, Armenia and Iran.



Facts about Armenians 7: the alphabet

Do you know that Armenian has unique alphabets? Mesrop Mashtots invented the alphabets in 405 AD.

Facts about Armenians 8: Hay

Hay is used by the Armenians to call themselves. It is taken from the name of the legendary founder of Armenia, Hayk.  This name is also considered as the most popular name in Armenia.

Facts about Armenians

Facts about Armenians

Facts about Armenians 9: the Armenian churches

Between 4th and 7th century, the first Armenian churches were established in the country. It marked the end of the Arab invasion in Armenia. Therefore, the people began to convert to Christianity.

Facts about Armenians 10: sports

There are many sports played in Armenia. Those are boxing, chess, football, hockey, weightlifting, basketball and volleyball.

the Armenians

the Armenians

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